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ZBexx - Queen of MTG Cosplay


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Princess Peach bounces when she walks ~ it's her castle after all 👑 #supermarioworld #peachespeachespeachespeachespeaches #princesspeachcosplay #usj #zbexx  created by ZBexx - Queen of MTG Cosplay with Ohboyprince's Bounce When She Walk
YOU CAN SIT WITH US!!! SheSparkz will be at @DreamHack Dallas this weekend ~ if you still need tix use our code SHESPARKZ to save 20% off. We are excited to have friends @Mythic Mikaela & @Familythegathering join us at the booth! @Air Bubbles @Zabracus will be rocking the booth too~ if you share our inclusive mission to make gaming more welcoming and increase representation, stop by for a collaboration with us!!!!
Comment below your favorite creator in MTG!!!
#dreamhack #magicthegathering #womeningaming #representationmatters #tcg #mtg #mtgcommander #cosplayconvention
CommandFest Orlando is underway and Thalia is here to battle against the invasions!!! @coolstuffinc.com #MagicTheGathering #MTGMOM
What would you pick P2P1:
Teysa, Invasion of New Capenna, or Boon-Bringer Valkyrie?

(I was Rakdos [more black] Pack 1)

Right after that hard choice I got passes Gyruda P2P2 😎🖤🖤
P.S. If you are at the event make sure to follow me, than comment on my Thalia posts for a chance to win a Collector Booster!

Two winners today~ 1 for Twitter and 1 for Instagram! Follow me to increase your chances.

Appreciate if you choose to support me everywhere: I am also on YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch! All the same username @ZBexx
#commandfest #mtgcosplay #mtgdraft #thaliaguardianofthraben #innistrad
So THATS how all of your creatures got -1/-1
• • •
@peachypopcos and I filmed a few TikToks together while we were in cosplay for the Commander gameplay show Decked Out. did you see the Pretty Girl Walk vid on her page?!?? make sure to follow both of us!
• • •
I have a theory I can't say the full card name because of a word in it. And it's not Kaalia of the Vast.
• • •
Did you know Kaalia was the FIRST deck I was ever handed to play my FIRST game of Magic ever? she has a very special place in my heart so when she got a new card in 2019 (for Core Set 2020, Kaalia, Zenith Seeker) I made this cosplay to reveal at GP Vegas in the matter of 24 hours before my flight left! I plan on bringing this cosplay to Dreamhack SanDiego and Command Fest Orlando. Drop a comment if I will see you at either event!
• • •
#magicthegathering #secretlair #kaalia #zbexx #mtgcosplay #mtgtiktok #redhairdontcare #facepaintcosplay #thibra #rickandmortyquotes #cosplayfriends #mtgcommander #gothgirls #mtggirls
get dressed with me at COMIC CON to go to brunch with friends 🥰🥰🥰
The real inspiration song which was playing in the background was from
@jerikandra listening to/watching Chrono Trigger (THE BEST RPG OF ALL TIME) and the song playing was "Underground Sewer" by Nobuo Uematsu—which has a totally different vibe. In the song from the game, you can hear sewer leaking/rain which was SOOOO fitting because I was in Seattle and got drenched walking the 10 minutes to Capitol Hall. Perfect outfit for rainy day vibes tbh!! #gdwm #zbexx #thelegendofzelda #nintendogirl #kirbynintendo #comfyoutfit #casualoutfit #blackleggings #offlinebyaerie #nerdfashion #pnwvibes
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