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Zane Lamprey


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They rescue bats!

Even though Austin is considered “the bat capital of North America” these creatures are still feared and misunderstood here. But, thanks to the work of dedicated scientists and conservation organizations like Austin Bat Refuge, knowledge about and appreciation for bats is emerging from the darkness.

Lee and Diane, who founded Austin Bat Refuge, LOVE bats. They are some of the kindest and most informed rescuers that I’ve met. They take in orphaned and injured local bats found all over Central Texas and immediately give them a name and consider them family. I’ve seen it first hand, and it’s incredibly sweet.

Orphans are hand-fed formula until weaned, at which point they’re brought out to the flight cage. This moth-attracting aviary provides them a safe place to learn to hunt and drink on the wing. Once they graduate from flight school, they get immense joy in releasing them back into the wild.

Austin Bat Refuge consults with businesses, homeowners, and local governments to find solutions that help people and save bats (bat exclusion and relocation). If you’re in central Texas and you find a bat, reach out to them. They’ll tell you what to do!

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Have you visited the donkeys in Augusta?

Cole Watkins of Cole Watkins Tours has been taking visitors out to Stallings Island since 2011. He brings out groups to the island via kayak, teaching people the history of the area and pointing out wildlife as they make the short journey to Stallings Island.

Stallings Island is an archeological site on the Savannah River, just outside Augusta, Georgia, which is home to the oldest pottery ever found in North America, including Canada and Mexico. The island was occupied from about 2600 B.C.E. to about 2000 B.C.E., and again from about 1800 B.C.E. to 1400 B.C.E.

Goats were brought out to the island to control the vegetation for when researchers come to the island. Donkeys made the trip to protect the goats from coyotes. The goats are no longer on the island, as donkeys don’t make suitable watchdogs, but four donkeys remain: Hercules, Abigail, Buster Jr, and their mama Jenny. Buster Sr was a larger breed of donkey and didn’t mix well with the smaller donkeys on the island, so he was transported to an animal sanctuary, where he is reportedly having the time of his life.

Cole and a group of good samaritans look after the medical needs of the donkeys, including facilitating the annual visit from a veterinarian, who must also make the trip by kayak. Note that you must stay in your boat as it’s against the law to set foot on this island without permission.

The donkeys eat a wide array of vegetables, drink the water around the island, and grow a winter coat of fur for Augusta’s short and mild winter. Jenny is fixed, so there are not likely going to be any new donkeys in the future.

The kayak trip to Stallings Island is part of the “Serene 18 Paddle Trail” a guide to navigable waterways around Savannah. With each completed journey, you can get a stamp! If you finish all of the journeys, you get a t-shirt!

Cole was an incredible guide! Drop into his DM’s or get in touch with Cole Watkins Tours!

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Do you know where Venus Flytraps are from?

It’s not the jungle. Venus flytraps only occur naturally within a 75-mile radius around Wilmington, North Carolina. This area is humid with nutrient poor soil, so the plants have an adapted to get their food from somewhere else — bugs. Bug meat!

These carnivorous plants were relocated here by Stanley Rehder, a local plant enthusiast who saw them being threatened by local development, so he moved some to this officially protected area, where they are thriving.

There are several other carnivorous plants in this garden, like:

Pitcher plants, which traps bugs in a funnel lined with hairs that make escape unlikely.

Sundews, which snare bugs with their sticky hairs.

And, the Venus Flytrap, which has “jaws” and big teeth that clamp down on the bug and make escape nearly impossible. There are three trichomes (hair-like spikes) that rest in the middle of the plant's mouth. These are, in effect, the Venus flytrap's triggering mechanism.

Once trapped, the venus flytrap uses digestive enzymes to break down the soft tissue of the fly before absorbing it as a nutritious meal. The trap reopens a week after a catch and is ready for another, using what remains of the fly to attract new prey.

Also known as Dionaea muscipula, the Venus Flytrap thrives in humid, muggy habitats. Although the plant must rely on its ability to trap and eat insects to proliferate, the Carolina Bay is an ideal environment for the plant, because the plant can survive in the swamp's nutrient poor soil.

The Stanley Rehder Carnivorous Plant Garden is an ADA-accessible park and is open during daylight hours, seven days a week. The Garden is protected by a conservation easement held by the North Carolina Coastal Land Trust and is part of the Piney Ridge Nature Preserve.

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You know this balcony. This is where, on April 4, 1968 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr was assassinated.

It is the former Lorraine Hotel, which is now the National Civil Rights Museum, which is a Smithsonian Institution Affiliate.

It feels a little conflicting being here, to celebrate a man and a movement in a place where he was killed. But exploring this museum offers a deeply educational and moving experience that delves into the American civil rights movement and its impact on today's society. It provides context, artifacts, and narratives that help visitors understand the struggles for equality and human rights. It can foster a greater sense of empathy, awareness, and responsibility to continue the work of social justice.

Two other buildings and their adjacent property, also connected with the King assassination, have been acquired as part of the museum complex. They are currently undergoing renovations. When completed, the 4.14-acre site will include the museum, the Lorraine Motel, and associated buildings. The museum also owns the Young and Morrow Building at 422 Main Street. This was where James Earl Ray initially confessed (and later recanted) to shooting King. The complex includes Canipe's Amusement Store at 418 Main Street, next to the rooming house where the murder weapon with Ray's fingerprints was found. Included on these grounds is the brushy lot, now a bricked walkway, that stood between the rooming house and the motel.

The museum was added to the rear of the hotel, as not to affect the original aesthetic from the day that Dr. King was shot. You end your self-guided tour of the incredibly moving and well-done museum upstairs, looking into room 306, where Dr. King was staying at the time.

If you haven’t been to this museum, I cannot recommend it enough.

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This is the last Blockbuster store in the world!

It opened in Bend, Oregon in 1992 as Pacific Video, a family-owned video rental store and converted to a Blockbuster franchise store in 2000. In 2004, Block buster was still growing, amassing 9,000 locations worldwide.

Blockbuster closed all of its corporate-owned stores by 2014, at which point there were 50 remaining franchise stores. In 2018, this store in Bend became the last Blockbuster in the United States. That was after John Oliver on “Last Week Tonight" afforded a few more months of life into a Blockbuster in Alaska, by donating some Russell Crowe memorabilia (including a jock strap) to that Blockbuster. That location closed soon after and donated some of that memorabilia to the Bend location.

By March of 2019, this location in Bend was the last Blockbuster in the world.

Dish Network, which owns the Blockbuster trademark, continues to license the Blockbuster name to this location, which enables them to sell merchandise and carry more than 1,200 video titles — although the vast amount of their revenue comes from the sale of merchandise to tourists — although I saw two people returning movies while I was there.

There’s a great documentary from 2020 called "The Last Blockbuster", created by some Bend filmmakers and featuring various celebrities, which you can watch online and also buy in the store. It gives some great insight as to why Blockbuster closed. It’s not as cut-and-dry as them being late to the game and losing out to Netflix.

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