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European Youth Forum


we are the voice of young people in Europe 🙌 fighting #ForYouthRights ✨

Do you know how much it costs to do a 6 months unpaid  #internship in Europe? 👀 A little over €6,000. Shocking right? 😲 One year ago, we launched a petition to #BanUnpaidInternships ✍️ As our petition is closing, EU Commissioner Nicolas Schmit shares his support in the interview with our President Maria 👀 created by European Youth Forum with European Youth Forum’s original sound
Keep watching if you want to meet some of our members 💙 More than 100 member organisations are at the core of the European Youth Forum 🔗 working together #ForYouthRights
We bet you didn’t know what some of our members do 👀 so let us break it down for you in this video 🎥(pt 2 coming soon)
From the South to the North ❄️🌎 What’s the favourite food of young people in #tromsø? 🐟 We asked so you don’t have to🫢
Tromso is one of the 5 finalist cities running for the #EuropeanYouthCapital 2026 title 🌆🏆 Who will be the winner?
Stay tuned to get to know the #EuropeanYouthCapital2026 soon 🤫
What’s the best food to try in #Sarajevo? 🥘🍲🍛 Find out directly from the youngest mayor of Sarajevo Benjamina Karic 😜🫢
If you didn’t know, Sarajevo is one of the 5 finalist cities running for the #EuropeanYouthCapital 2026 title 🌆🏆 Who are the other cities? And who will be the winner?
Stay tuned 🤫
We haven’t convinced you yet? 🫨 Okay well we have all the arguments for #Vote16 on our website 🙌🤔 make sure to & sing the petition to lower the voting age to 16 ✍️✅
What is #PlatformWork? 🚖 Also called the gig economy, it is one of the new forms of work increasingly taken up by #young people 📈
BUT because there are not enough rules about how it operates, it creates a number of issues ⚠️ What are those? 👉 Read more on our website 📲 #ForYouthRights
pov: you visited the #EuropeanYouthCapital2023 this summer 🌎✈️
Stunning old town, good food & vibrant nightlife? 🥘 that’s #Lublin 🫶 As part of the #EuropeanYouthCapital programme, this Polish city has a lot to offer this summer. check out @lublin
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