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We are a no-kill, non-profit animal rescue in S.Texas with 250+ animals. #donate

We are so proud of our Yaqui Animal Rescue team for following our instincts and investigating Special Needs Animal Welfare League (SNAWL) for their unethical rescue practices.

However, we wish we never sent our two dogs there. Prior to entrusting April McLaughlin with our dogs, we engaged in numerous phone conversations with the owner, during which she assured us of her extensive experience in rescuing and rehabilitating special needs dogs. She used the proper vernacular, she was engaging and sympathetic, and she even spoke about normal rescue woes that we as rescuers are all familiar with. She sounded like the real deal. She sounded like every other rescue we've ever worked with. She was not.

April Addison McLaughlin was charged with 55 counts of animal cruelty, 55 counts of animal abuse, and 1 count of vulnerable adult abuse.

The Arizona Humane Society seized 55+ disabled dogs from McLaughlin’s home, including our Butters and Checo. The probable cause affidavit revealed that some of the dogs may be humanely euthanized due to their poor conditions. McLaughlin tortured these disabled dogs by keeping them inside kennels covered in urine and feces, not proving water or food, and ignoring their medical needs. 5 dead puppies were found in her freezer next to the food she would give to her elderly mother.

We do not know the status of Butters and Checo, or when and if they will be returned to us. We will continue to fight for them, but as of right now, information from AHS is limited.

Please continue to pray for our pups and the 53 others that suffered at the hands of April.

#SNAWL #apriladdison #scamrescue #animalrescue #AZ #chandlerpd #animalabuse #cruetly #specialneedsdogs #hoarder #dogs #evil @Becca Isabel7
When we became suspicious of the Special Needs Animal Welfare League (SNAWL), we called Kimberly from Be like Josh rescue.

She confirmed our suspicions of SNAWL being a scam rescue. We assembled a team of other rescuers from from around the world that have also been scanned by April Addison.

She is collecting monetary donations and wishlist donations from generous donors while these poor special needs dogs suffer.

We need your help to shut her down by making phone calls to the Chandler AZ City Mayor and Council. Here is what you can say or email:

✅Multiple videos circulating of a hoarding and neglect case of special needs animals.
✅April Addison is continuing to bring in more special needs every week.
✅She is running a 501c3 under false pretenses.
✅She is stealing money from the public and is and not providing adequate care.
✅We have a case # from Chandler PD: 23-104385.
✅She is actively deceiving AHS. She was witnessed removing dogs from her property prior to a planned home check.
✅Chandler PD and AHS have their hands tied due to the ordinance of Chandler.
✅She has 40+ special needs dogs in her 1000sqf home.
✅The smell of death that radiates from her house is a disturbance to her neighbors.
✅Case number from Chandler PD: 23-104386.


480-782-2200; mayorandcouncil@chandleraz.gov; Kevin.hartke@chandleraz.gov

#TX #AZ #scammer #scamrescue #specialneedsdogs #shutherdown #evil #conartist #cruetly #abuse #neglect #dogs #dogfish #chandleraz #saveourdogs
The message below is one of the hardest posts we have ever had to make.

A few months ago, we rescued two special needs dogs from South Texas named Butters and Checo. Butters was shot in his back and was paralyzed in his hind legs. Checo was found as a stray on the street with one eye popped out of his socket. We got them the immediate medical care they needed, and they healed here locally with wonderful fosters.

To help them continue their rehabilitation, we emailed over 30 special needs rescues from across the nation. Unfortunately, only one organization responded that they could help. This is the Special Needs Animal Welfare League (SNAWL) located in Chandler, Arizona.

Before transporting them, we had numerous phone conversations with the owner and were assured that she had years of experience rescuing and rehabilitating special needs dogs. She has been featured on Inside Edition, AZ news outlets and on popular social media sites like The Dodo. As such, we felt comfortable sending our dogs to her.  

A few weeks after transporting our pets to her, we became suspicious of SNAWL. We conducted our own investigation for three months and discovered that this is a scam rescue. The owner has deceived over 30 rescues across the world, from Los Angeles to New York City… all the way to India.

April Addison is a special needs dog hoarder with over 40 dogs in her 1000 sq-foot home. She is collecting monetary donations from generous donors like you.

We have contacted local AZ authorities, Chandler PD, and the Arizona Humane Society. Even after conducting multiple home visits and agreeing that the dogs are in an unhealthy environment, the dogs remain in April’s possession. We visited her home last week in Arizona and the situation was unfathomable. We saw our Butters and our little Checo. We begged for our dogs back and she refused.

WE ASK FOR YOUR HELP TODAY! PLEASE CALL & EMAIL: 480-782-2200; mayorandcouncil@chandleraz.gov; Kevin.hartke@chandleraz.gov

#RGV #TX #AZ #scam #scammer #dogfish #chandleraz #conartist #saveourdogs #specialneedsdogs
Happy #internationaldogday to our pups! You are the god’s best creation! We love you FUREVER! ❤️#dogday #loveyourdog #dogsoftiktok #animalrescue #adoptdontshop
Hi Everyone, I’m Sunshine!☀️Last week, someone shot me with a pellet gun and now I’m unable to walk. 😕 The vet said I will recover soon though becuz I’m ruff n tuff! 🙏

Today I had my BIG debut TV. The kind folks at CBS4 and NBC23 invited me to talk about
#GivingTuesday . There are so many dogs out there like me…abandoned, neglected, and abused. 💔 My friends at Yaqui Animal Rescue work so hard everyday to save puppies & kitties like me, but they can’t do it alone.

Would you plz donate to Yaqui this #G#GivingTuesday? very donation helps save and heal more animals.

Thank u fur yer donations! God bless you! I ruff u so much! 💛

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• Venmo: @yaquianimalrescue
• Paypal: PayPal.me/yaquianimalrescue
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