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Thai-American food brand #AAPI + woman-owned Yai means grandma! - DIY Thai -



Thai Basil + Udon Noodles + Veggies of your choice = a tasty, slurpy dish made in your favorite foodie dreams 🍜🤩 Video courtesy of @jenncooks 💜💜   #noodlebowl #thaibasil #thainoodles #yaisthai #justaddyais #DIYthai created by yaisthai with Tollan Kim's Morning with U
Thai Basil Shrimp Stir Fry recipe from @Sammydeats is equal parts refreshing, flavorful and nutritious! Not to mention, it only takes about 20 minutes to make😉⏲ 👏

Serves: 1-2 (can easily double this!)

- 1/2 cup of jasmine rice
- About 2 cups of chopped veggies of choice (I did mini bell peppers, mushrooms, zucchini, and broccoli slaw)
- 6-10 shrimp (depending how big they are)
- 1/2 a bottle of @yaisthai Thai Basil Sauce
- Green onion, for topping
- Sesame seeds, for topping

1. Cook rice according to package instructions.
2. Heat a large skillet over medium heat and grease with avocado oil.
3. Add the chopped veggies to a heated skillet and let them cook for 8-10 minutes so they soften.
4. After that, add the shrimp to the skillet.
5. Cook the shrimp for 2-3 minutes per side or until they are no longer grey.
6. Pour in the Thai basil sauce and let simmer for about 5 minutes on a low heat.
7. Serve over rice and top with green onion and sesame seeds.
8. Enjoy!

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If you’re doing the May Plant-Based Whole30, know that you’ve got a friend in Yai’s! 😉 We’re proud to be an official #plantbasedwhole30 partner! Our Thai Yellow Curry, Thai Almond Sauce (no peanut!), Sweet Chili Sauce, Thai Red Curry, Prik Khing Curry, Coconut Lime Sauce, and Chili Garlic Hot Sauce can jazz up any meal!

Follow the link in bio to shop our Plant-Based Whole30 Bundle!

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Drooling over these Udon noodles from @sammydeats with Thai Almond chicken 🤤 Visit her Insta for the recipe! And click the link in bio to shop our Thai Almond No-Peanut Sauce! #weeknightThai #DIYThai #thaialmondsauce #thainoodles
Pantry Hack! Instead of going out to buy all the ingredients for an authentic Thai Curry Sauce, keep a ready-to-go jar of Yellow Curry in your pantry at all times for quick, easy delicious recipes like this incredible 15-Minute Vegan Thai Sweet Potato Coconut Curry Bowl recipe from @eatingbyelaine ! 🍛⏲🏃 Recipe below👇

- 1 tablespoon coconut oil or avocado oil 🥥
- 1 red onion, peeled and diced
- 1 teaspoon salt
- 2 bell peppers, stem and seeds removed, diced 🫑
- 1 sweet potato, peeled and diced 🍠
- 1 can chickpeas
- 1 jar Yai’s Thai Yellow Thai Coconut Curry Sauce
- 1, 13.5 ounce can full-fat coconut milk 🌴

- fresh cilantro 🌿
- lime wedges
- scallions

- To a wok or pot add your oil, onions and salt and saute for 3 minutes. Add the bell peppers, sweet potato and chickpeas and saute another 3 minutes.
- Add the yellow curry sauce and coconut milk and bring to a boil. Turn the burner to low and simmer until veggies are soft (5 minutes or so).
- Serve over quinoa or rice. I love to serve over forbidden rice (also known as black rice). Garnish with cilantro, fresh lime juice and scallions. Enjoy while hot.

- Store leftovers in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 5 days. Or, freeze in an airtight container (separate from the rice/quinoa) for up to 3 months.

#vegan #glutenfree #veganthaifood #yellowcurry #veganrecipe #curryrecipe #vegancurry #glutenfreevegan #glutenfreerecipes #eatingbyelaine #justaddyais #DIYthai
A dip like no other! SAVE this Homemade Sweet Chili Lime Yogurt Dip and tortilla chips recipe from @saridiskin (also linked in bio!) 👇 It’s a little bit sweet, and a LOTTA bit spicy! 😉🌶

- 5 Flour Tortillas
- Olive Oil Spay
- Chili Lime Seasoning
- Sea salt

- 1/2 C Whole Milk Plain Yogurt
- 1-1.5 tbsp Yai's Thai Sweet Chili Sauce
- 1/2 Lime, Squeezed
- 1/4 tsp salt
- 1/8 tsp pepper
- 1/4 tsp chili flakes
- Chopped scallions

- Preheat oven to 350.
- Cover a cookie sheet with parchment paper and spray with olive oil spray.
- Cut 5 soft tortillas in quarters.
- Line up pieces on the tray and spray with olive oil.
- Generously season with chili lime or chili seasoning and sprinkle with sea salt to taste.
- Bake for 12 minutes. Flip and bake for another 8.
- While chips are baking, mix all dip ingredients together. Yogurt, lime juice, Yai's Thai Sweet Chili Sauce, salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes. Mix well. Garnish with chopped scallions and more chili flakes (for even more spice). Set aside.
- When chips are done - dip and enjoy!

HINT: If you have extra sauce, save in a small container and refrigerate for use on sandwiches or as a snack throughout the week

#saridiskin #sweetchili #homemadesauce #homemadedip #DIYThai #YaisThai #sweetchililime #chipsanddip #sweetandspicy #nationalchipsanddipday
We LOVE this yellow curry recipe with turmeric chickpeas and veggies from Juliette (@juliettejfit on IG) for its plant-based protein and anti-inflammatory ingredients! 💛🌱 Homemade Lemon Ginger Turmeric Coconut Curry Recipe from #juliettejfit below 👇

- chickpeas grilled with turmeric, garlic & oregano 🧄
- 1/3 onion
- 1/2 bell pepper
- fresh lemon & ginger zest 🍋
- a handful of spinach
- @yaisthai coconut curry 🥥
(let simmer for 20 mins)
- air fryer tofu (with garlic & oregano)
- over kale or rice
- topped with @traderjoes crunchy chili onion and avocado 🥑

#meatlessmonday #veganrecipes #veganbowl #vegancurry #yellowcurry #curry #curryrecipe #vegancurryrecipe #DIYThai #yaisthai #veganglutenfree #eatyourvegetables
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