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Dermal Therapist. Nutritionist (MSc). Beauty Journo. yadscauchi@gmail.com


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OK very generic chat re. chemical peels. Have you had one? Let’s chat FAQ’s…

What is a chemical peel?
A chemical peel is when a chemical solution is applied to the skin in order for the skin to peel off or to trigger regeneration/skin cell turnover.

There are three different types: light/medium/deep. This essentially determines the depth of the peel.

Superficial peels: (light) affect the epidermis only (superficial layer) and are great for skin brightening/hyperpigmentation/acne.

Medium depth peels: usually affect the epidermis, plus the top part of the dermis (which is the deeper skin layer). These work to stimulate collagen production, great for ageing/acne scars/deeper wrinkles/hyperpigmentation/.

Deep peels are an aggressive skin resurfacing technique. These can treat acne scarring/deeper wrinkles.

Most peels will come with a little downtime + a strict no actives post treatment rule - also you don’t always need to peel following a peel.

How often can you have one? this depends on the concern you’re trying to treat.

What can they treat?
If you have wrinkles/acne/scars/hyperpigmentation and dullness they are great. They can also help address texture.

Any side effects? Unwanted pigmentation issues are complications that can be associated to chemical peels. This is why it's important to have a proper skin consultation to determine whether a chemical peel is the best treatment option for you + your skin type.

Also FYI: common peeling agents incl: Glycolic acid, salicylic, retinoid, Jessner's solution (salicylic acid, resorcinol, and lactic acid in 95% ethanol.) and trichloroacetic acid (TCA).

#skintok #yadscauchiskin #dermaltherapist #skincaretips #chemicalpeel #chemicalpeelbenefits #ageingskin #acneskin #hyperpigmentationtreatment
Are cheap serums actually worth trying?

I spoke to
@Sydney Morning Herald about this recently, and as a Dermal Therapist - here are few key things I'd love people to consider:

Firstly, while expensive doesn't always = better. The formulation of a product really matters. Products can have the same ingredients, but it doesn't mean they will perform on the skin in the same way. Percentages matter, the delivery systems matter, the clinical research behind products matters. Also where ingredients are sourced can be important.

But honestly everything from marketing to patented ingredients can factor into pricing.

However if products have similar ingredients it doesn't mean they will work the same. Products can have the same ingredients, but the formula is what will set a product apart.

This is why there's no such thing as a skincare dupe. #yadscauchiskin #dermaltherapist #skintok #skincare #skincaredupe #budgetskincare #budgetfriendly #skinhealth #skincaretips #beginnerskincare
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