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Straightedge / hardcore community - xsisterhoodx.com



Dr. Monica Tanner, 37, New York and Los Angeles, she/her

Read the full interview with @monicasmilesalot on xsisterhoodx.com (link in bio/linktree)

I grew up with a Mum who was Straight Edge before there was a claiming. So I grew up with a strong woman who taught me to stand my ground, be present, and to never let anyone dictate how to live my life. I was 21 when I made the vow, it has been almost 17 years. I enjoy being my true self every day and not being clouded with substances, every decision I make is made through a clear lens. I was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer in 2018 and have survived through massive mitigating measures. I house a syndrome that helps my body produce cancer rapidly. Being on a constant form of chemo, it is dire that I leverage my body and brain to their full potential. A straight edge lifestyle has allowed me to do that.

Straight edge is a vow, one you make to yourself. You can be sober and not straight edge. The more firm side of me states you aren’t born straight edge, it is something you agree with, take a vow on, and nurture. I will not break my vow. I am not early in my life choice so commitment isn’t something I think about anymore. This is my life and because of it I can be the best version of myself every day.

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