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Ad | @Federation of Black Canadians has launched the Black Entrepreneurship Program and its 100% free! It’s a virtual mentorship program for Black Youth ages 16-29.

Ive already applied for the program, will you be applying? 😊

Link in bio to learn more!

#entrepreneur #entreprenship #blackcanadiansmallbusiness #mentorship
Replying to @Ekene last day in Edmonton! Visited the largest mall in North America, who knew? Edmonton has good food, good house prices, low tax, good salaries…I see why everyone is moving there 😭 #edmontonalberta #dayinmylife #traveltiktok #edmonton
Replying to @SADICKA i can elaborate on how i got these speaking engagements in another video if you want 🤍 #businessowners #speakingengagement #streamsofincome
Replying to @SaeArri💕 hope this answers some of the most commonly asked questions about grants 🤍 let me know if you have more! #businessowners #grants
Replying to @shardane.m heres how i found the grant & how you can find & apply to them! Next newsletter goes out on Wed March 15 🫶🏾 #businessowners #grants #canadiangrantslayer
Replying to @faithy 💕 hope this helps! Share some more in the comments section if anyone knows of some 🥰 #affiliatemarketing
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