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Latife W. | PNW Photographer


Latife Whittington 24 | Photographer | Tacoma, WA📍 www.lawshootz.com



#greenscreen #itsastruggle #tiktoklive #getmeto1000pls 😭 #minirants  created by Latife W. | PNW Photographer with Latife W. | PNW Photographer's original sound
1️⃣First and foremost, I make sure my gear is fully charged!! I also recommend bringing backup batteries if you have them. I’m going to invest in some soon 🥲💵. I also decide which lenses I want to bring along. I’d also suggest a cover for the camera which is on my list of gear investments lol.
2️⃣Next I tackle my SD cards. I figure out which one I want to use and make sure it has enough space for the day. It varies between each shoot. If I need to clear my SD card, I make sure I back up its contents onto my external hard drive and format it😌.
3️⃣Before I pack up my camera I actually make sure I grabbed enough lens wipes and business cards for the day! I tend to forget these the most 🫣. You never know who you might run into so having a business card comes in handy. I got my cards made through Canva! It’s was really easy to design and order it!!
4️⃣I then pack my camera bag with everything I need. It’s a rainy day, so I’m putting a protective cover over it from another bag that I have🌧️.
5️⃣Since it’s rainy I gotta throw on the rain coat & rain boots. Not trying to get soaking wet and I need to be able to not slip & slide everywhere 😆.

I’ll be posting content like this over on
#lemon8🍋 !! Ill be getting more personal on there about my photography and myself 😙. So, if youre on #lemon8 follow me (@/x.lawshootz.x)

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