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#duet with @careersbykirstie #lifeinsurance Women are underrepresented when it comes to life insurance. But there's many reasons why coverage should be a priority. Here's just a few. Head on over to http://Wyshbox.com to download our white paper The (Financially) Unprotected Sex to learn more. *Wyshbox Life Insurance. Quantitative Survey “Women during COVID and Recession”. 400 participants. August 8, 2022 #fyp #women #womenempowerment  created by Wyshbox with Careersbykirstie's original sound
Learn the facts about COVID-19
What kind of #debts can life insurance help you with? #FYP #LifeInsurance #art #drawingprocess #illustration
*Forbes article, “2022 Student Loan Debt Statistics: Average Student Loan Debt” September 19, 2022.
Wyshbox article, “What kind of debts can life insurance cover?”
What are five types of women who should consider getting life insurance? #coffee #FYP #LifeInsurance #WomenEmpowerment *Austin, Amanda. Life Happens, “Women and the Life Insurance Gap.” March 23, 2021. https://lifehappens.org/blog/ women-and-the-life-insuran ce-gender-gap/ **Limra, “Lack of Knowledge and Confidence Deter Women from Purchasing Life Insurance.” March 03, 2022
Cis women are underrepresented in the life insurance industry but tend to pay less in monthly costs*. Check out Wyshbox Life Insurance to get an estimate today! #Finance #Financial #FYP #LifeInsurance #MoneyTips #WomenEmpowerment #wyshbox
Any brands (other than Wysh) shown in the video have no affiliation with, and have not endorsed, Wysh life or the video.

*CDC article, “Provisional Life Expectancy Estimates for 2020,” Feb 2021
**Invictus Law article, ​​”Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs According to OSHA,” Feb 2022
#duet with @Krystal Reneé Todd #housing What’s the wave? Should you rent a place or turn a house into a home 🏡? Check the deets. Just so you know, Wyshbox aren’t financial advisors. If you have more questions, we’d suggest that you talk to one. “Rent went up 7.8%...” Rent Group Inc article, “Rent Report,” July 2022. #wyshbox
#Finances #FYP #HomeOwnership #LifeInsurance
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