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Heather | Content Strategist


Freelance Writing and Blogging Coach 💻 Tips for Content Creators



Struggling to grow your domain authority and rank higher on Google? Have you found a keyword that you should be able to rank for and still don’t? 😩 I get it! We’ve all been there. Let me explain what may be going wrong. If you think you’ve found the perfect keyword but aren’t ranking, it’s because you could need more backlinks to that page. 🤔 Say what?? I know. It’s something we don’t always look at. But the only way you can rank for some keywords is to get more backlinks. 🔗 So, start building backlinks now! Whether you do outreach or build them using HARO (I have a resource coming out that will teach you how in June.) Save this as a reminder! #contentcreators #bloggingforbusiness #contentmarketing #seocontent #seowriting  created by Heather | Content Strategist with Heather | Content Strategist's original sound
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