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Workers Party of Britain


Workers Party of Britain Leader: George Galloway



Sterling job by Workers GB and No2Nato Lauren chairing the first #No2Nato No2War live online broadcast Thursday gone. Watch it back featuring #WorkersGB leader and #No2Nato #No2War co-founder George Galloway, fellow co-founder Chris Williamson of Resist | Socialist Labour Party and other renowned speakers here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRnwvvSnT_M&t=13s Make sure to follow No2Nato, and Workers GB on all platforms:  https://linktr.ee/no2nato  https://linktr.ee/WorkersPartyGB  #StopTheWar #fyp  created by Workers Party of Britain with Workers Party of Britain's original sound
Workers GB members along with many other pro-women activists were at the #LetWomenSpeakBirmingham rally headed by Posie Parker over over the weekend.

As our Lauren reports, there was a counter demonstration by trans-activists at the event.

Watch the full footage here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmrCP8JcmcE
At the #No2NATO Q&A session.

He's just a normal guy that went out with his camera and witnessed some of the devastation left by NATO bombs.

He's now on the Ukraine government’s ironically named 'peacemaker hitlist' and marked as a traitor.

You'll not see this on Question Time!


You can watch the rally in full here:

#WorkersPartyGB leader @George Galloway kicking off the #No2Nato #No2War rally last Saturday 25 Feb.

"I believe this crisis, this war, is located in the centuries of domination of the world, by the European colonial countries, and the later American hegemon.

...And it's that which is being put to the test..."

You can watch the whole event currently being broadcasted NOW via @No2NatoNo2War Youtube 👇#fyp

Workers Party activist Jon caught up with James from Highbury before one of the #No2Nato sessions.

James came along out of interest, to hear different perspectives to parliament & mainstream media narratives. #No2Nato #No2War #StopTheWar #fyp
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