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🐶Canine Enrichment Australia🐶 🛍️ Puzzle Toys, Puzzle Feeders, Treat Toys


🐶 Does your dog eat their meals too fast as if they inhale it and their food is gone? The Bougainvillea Spin by Pet Dreamhouse will definitely help slow them down. Turn your dog’s mealtime into fun time and slow feeders are one of the many ways to make feeding more exciting. Slowing down your dog’s eating will also help prevent bloat/GDV which can be fatal.

🏆 Win this stylish slow feeder plus a 3 in 1 Disc accessory valued at $47. The Bougainvillea feeder suits both dry & wet food.

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🐶Let dogs be dogs! 🐕‍🦺

Interactive playtime exercises a dog’s natural instincts, which are important in keeping dogs happy & healthy. It involves games and activities that challenge dogs mentally & physically. This kind of play often requires them to solve problems, engage with their environment, and most importantly with their human.

Below are some of the most common types of Interactive Play:
✔️ Puzzle toys are excellent for dogs as they exercise both problem-solving skills and dexterity. By using their nose and paws to move pieces to find their reward, dogs not only get a mental workout but also improve their physical coordination

✔️ Playing Tug-of-War with your dog provides physical exercise, teaches them self-control, and appropriate play behaviour. It is an ideal activity for practicing the ‘drop it’ command

✔️ Dogs have an innate desire to sniff and explore their environment. Regularly practising 𝐬𝐜𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤 can sharpen a dog’s olfactory capabilities

✔️ Agility training is great for dogs and their humans. It helps dogs stay fit, improves their coordination, communication and understanding. It’s a great way for energetic breeds to channel and burn off energy

Every activity mentioned offers unique benefits, but all share these key ones:

✅ they all promote mental stimulation
✅ they can help develop a stronger bond between dogs and their humans
✅ the ultimate benefit is that these activities can ensure that a dog’s physical and mental needs are met leading to a happier, healthier dog 🐶💕

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Loki was severely affected by the thunderstorm last week. For years I’ve tried to desensitise him by playing thunder sounds in the background while we played and treating him at the same time. Unfortunately, as Loki is already an anxious dog and is also highly sensitive to noises, apart from the sound of thunder, the accompanying vibrations contribute to his anxiety.

For doggie parents that experience the same ordeal with their dogs during a thunderstorm, here’s a few things to help your dog to feel comfortable during these situations:

1. Address behavioral issues promptly. Recognise early signs of distress like hiding, pacing, or trembling to intervene early.

2. Calmly reassure your dog that it’s ok but avoid overindulging or coddling as this could work against you and worsen their anxiety. Don’t display that there’s a problem, instead, go about things in the most normal and calming way.

3. Play loud soothing dog music in the background to blackout the storm noise. I highly recommend “Through A Dog’s Ear” by Joshua Leeds and Lisa Spector. The playlist was specifically designed to induce relaxation.

4. Allow dogs to hide if they wish, or create a ‘den’ for them if they haven’t got a crate. Remember to place their favourite enrichment or treats in with them.

5. Use body wraps like Thundershirts that apply comforting pressure. It is important that you familiarise your dog with these before storms.

6. With the help of your vet, explore options like lavender oil, pheromone sprays, or herbal supplements.

7. Enrichment can distract anxious dogs. Give a frozen food toy or play interactive games with them and ensure rewards are given when your dog is calm.

8. Consult with your vet the right anti-anxiety medication for your dog. There are ones that can be used to assist in all levels of storm/noise anxiety. Using an anti-anxiety medication early in the evolution of their fear can settle the symptoms down entirely in some dogs.

Depending on the severity of your dog’s anxiety, combining these methods is often more effective than just focusing on a single solution.

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