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Marco Antonio


Cookbook, Jalapeño and Lemon Ranch Seasoning, Coffee Bourbon Rub and More👇🏻

Replying to @Little Debbie’s and Whiskey

My prefered way to cook a steak. The chilled sear method i learned from Spencer at @knottywoodbbq

This Gold Bar Whiskey Rickhouse has become one if my favorite bourbons lately.

There are many ways to sear a steak and for me, nothing beats that char and sear you get from charcoal. Whatever your prefered method is to cook, youre right. Do what you love. Do what works for you. Now, that doesnt mean you shouldnt try things out. Experiment when you can but when you find something that works for you, master it.

Fall has begun but the grillin never stops. Get outside and cook or just stay inside, whatever. Cook a steak. Eat a steak. Become the steak. Ok that was weird but if you’re still reading, youre a cute lil thang!

#steak #whiskey #charcoal
@Marco Antonio
#onthisday Guacamole Burgers for $0.01 😁

Did you eat a zombie burger yesterday for 1 cent?

Were the simpsons right? 🧟‍♂️

4 medium size avocados
1 medium sized tomato diced
1 small purple onion diced
1 jalapeño diced - removed seeds if you don’t like the heat
Juice of 1 lime
1/2tbsp chicken bullion
Cilantro chopped up
1tsp Chili powder
2tsp red pepper flakes
Salt to taste

Mix all of that together, serve with some Juanitas chips and pour yourself a drink! #guacamole #burgers
Replying to @DinhoxMessi Brisket Jam Burgers.

Got leftover brisket, make brisket jam and put it on a burger with some jalapeño ranch pickles!

Onion, shallot, butter, bourbon, brown sugar, salt and my coffee bourbon rub “the eye opener.”

Brisket jam is so delicious. Not sure which i love more, bacon or brisket jam.

The brisket jam was sweet and smokey.

Its possible that someday their could be a burgers and boyrbons show only on EmbersTV

#brisket #brisketjam #burgers
Brisket with kimchi and gochugang mayo! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

So much of this video was inspired by our shows on
@Embers TV

One tour of @TFTI BBQ - Tone backyard and I got myself a spice drawer just like Tone’s. I even prayed to the bbq gods like @Chuck M as seen on Ep 2 of the backyard bbq invite.

We also have a masterclass coming up with @SmokeAndVine | BBQ & More showing us how to make a perfect brisket on a pellet smoker. I had to put the method to the test and it works Everytime! This is an upcoming episode only on Embers TV so stay tuned!

Brisket is my 3rd favorite bite in bbq. Here’s my list of best bites:
1. Crispy pork belly
2. Beef ribs
3. Brisket
4. Pork butt
5. Pork ribs

What are your favorite bites in bbq?

#brisket #emberstv
@Embers TV is doing an incredible giveaway. Everyone that subscribes over the next few weeks will be entered to win an all expenses paid trip to hang out with the founding members of Embers TV.

@TFTI BBQ - Tone @SmokeAndVine | BBQ & More @Al Frugoni @Chuds bbq @Mad Scientist BBQ and i will be cooking for you!

Subscribe to embers tv today, not only to win but to enjoy some incredible bbq content. New content is goi g up every week!

We can finally tell you what we’ve been up to and I’m excited to introduce you to @Embers TV .

Embers TV is a streaming platform surrounding everything bbq. Over the last few months, the team tagged in this video and I have been working hard to create some incredible content.

You’ll get masterclasses on open fire cooking, offset smoking, pellet grill cooking and so much more.

Tony Ramirez of @tfti.bbq takes you into the backyards of some of your favorite creators.

New episodes will be airing every week with new series coming online regularly. In the words of Jeremy Yoder, “finally there’s an app you won’t want to delete!”

Embers TV app is available on all platforms. Download and subscribe today!

On episode 2 of The Backyard BBQ invite, @Chuck M tells @TFTI BBQ - Tone that he says a prayer to the BBQ Gods before seeing how a cook turns out.

Let say a prayer to ensure this brisket is juicy!!

“Bbq god who art in heaven, watching Embers TV, please dont let this brisket suck!”

This brisket will now turn out juicy!

Check out The Backyard BBQ Invite on Embers TV!

#brisket #emberstv @Embers TV
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