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WithAll empowers eating disorder prevention & strengthens support for recovery.

Movement is a great way to promote one’s health and well-being, but over-emphasizing exercise can contribute to disordered eating, negative body image, and an obsession with being thin. How can we help our kids enjoy movement AND promote a healthy body image? Here are a few ideas for what to say.

“You spent so much time at the park - you must have had a ton of fun!” - Going to the park can be a fun way for kids to enjoy the sunny
#summer weather and get moving. When talking to your child about their day outdoors, emphasize all the fun they had, rather than making the conversation about weight or body size. Focusing on weight or body size can make kids feel like the only purpose of outdoor exercise is to change their bodies, which can lead to the negative consequences mentioned above.

“What was your favorite part of our hike?” - Family time outdoors can be really fun for kids and parents alike. If you find yourself ready to discuss all the calories you’ve burned on your afternoon hike, consider talking about your favorite part of the activity instead. Or, better yet, ask your kids what they enjoyed most - this can help teach your child that the most important part of movement is having a good time. When kids have fun with movement, they’ll be more likely to do it… and in a positive, healthy way.

“Let’s walk to the store today. We’ll enjoy the sun!” - It’s common to find ourselves talking about movement as a way to burn off calories or lose weight. But when we do this, our kids learn that the sole purpose of movement is just that - to lose weight, and thereby change our bodies. To promote a healthy body image for your kids, consider focusing on other purposes of movement… such as getting outside and enjoying the summer weather.

For more tips, check out our SIMPLE GUIDE FOR WHAT TO SAY!

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