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Wild Orchard Teas


Regenerative Organic Certified teas with a mission to help people and the planet

Sound on for #rainasmr 📣 Did you know that #healthysoil absorbs water quickly and retains a good level of moisture most of the time? This reduces the risk of #flooding and #drought . 🏞️Jeju Island, home to our single-source partner farm, is a rainy place. Thanks to the hard work of the farmers and the healthy soil they have as a result, our tea is 100% watered by natural rainfall, without any irrigation at all.
#Agroforestry —the practice of growing trees alongside your crop or cattle—helps improve #waterquality , #airquality , #soilhealth and #wildlifehabitat . Did you know there are about 9,700 trees on our partner farm that co-exist with the tea plants? And that’s just counting the avergae big tree, excluding smaller bushes and trees.
#covercrops are plants that grow alongside your main crop and keep the ground covered and protected. Bare soil does not #sequester as much carbon as healthy, covered soil. Over time bare soil will lose the ability to absorb water effectively (leading to flooding and drought) and becomes dead dirt.On our partner #farm, the #tea i s surrounded by native plants and weeds that act as cover crops—meaning you can have a #nutrientdense a nd #climatechange f ighting tea right in your pantry!
Just a short video last year showing one of our amazing team members at our partner #farm picking #tea leaves. Crank up your sound for some farm #asmr ! 🐦🕊️🌳🌿🌬️ #farmtok
#sunset #timelapse taken an our partner tea #farm a few months ago. Look at those #lush teabushes! #regenerativeagriculture #greentea #naturevideos #relaxing
#cloud #timelapse from our #regenerative partner farm where all our teas are from! #knowyourfoodsource
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