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Weight loss for people with a sweet tooth 🍪 🍫 🍰 Tips and recipes 👇



Volume eating 🥣

I’ve always had a huge appetite and could never stick to small serving sizes. Volume eating is not only something that has helped me with that- but also shown me how to create delicious tasty desserts 😍

Remember to always pick the option that YOU find most satisfying! If you personally like smaller portions, then enjoying it mindfully can absolutely be part of a well balanced diet!

Here’s the recipe for my Oreo protein bowl:

19.7g protein; 11g fats; 27g carbs; 3g fiber

1/2 cup almond milk
1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder
1/4 cup Greek yoghurt
2 oreos

METHOD: add all ingredients except for the Oreos to a blender. Blend on high. Top with crushed Oreos and enjoy!

My 30LBS sweet tooth boss program is a one on-one coaching program designed to redefine your relationship with sweet treats, take back control over your cravings & feel at home in your body again! Head to wholesome-lee.com to apply ❤️

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Have you ever told yourself “I just WANT to eat this entire plate of chocolate cookies?” 🍪

Now although this may feel like what you want, chances are you want the taste of the cookies (cookies taste good!)- but you don’t want that heavy blasted sluggish feeling that you get from overeating cookies😩

Now truth is you have multiple “wants” and so often our brain will ONLY focus on the ‘instant gratification’ want and convince us that this is what we truly want. 

Now although this may be true WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST WANT?

💭 Here are some mindset shifts to try out:

✅What I truly want is to honour myself and how my body feels
✅What I truly want is to truly enjoy 1-2 of these cookies and stop when I’m full 
✅What I truly want is to stay connected to myself & not feel sluggish and bloated in 20 minutes time 
✅What I truly want is to not feel like I’m having a sugar hangover every time I see or eat cookies

PS: I paired my chocolate cookies with a strawberry cheesecake protein shake and some chopped spiced cucumbers using my
#fillingcombo method! 😉

🍫 Are you a chocolate and dessert lover and want to lose 30lbs? I specialise in working with women with a sweet tooth who want to take back control over food, lose the weight and feel amazing! Head to wholesome-lee.com to apply for coaching ❤️

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