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For someone who asked us to not celebrate his birthday, I think my dad had exactly the kind of birthday he wanted. From eating some of his favorite foods to asking my sister to indulge him as he showed off his acting skills, I like to think the day was a good balance of him getting the normal day he wanted, plus some perks. I feel very lucky we got to spend this day with him. He was so psyched that he let us know that it's his 29th birthday, which is crazy b/c that means 3 of his children are now older than he is. (Every year, he jokes that he is 29. For a little while, he adjusted his age so he'd at least be older than my brother, but he has reverted back to being 29.) #catdadha #dadtok #kdrama #adayinthelife  created by Christina Ha with Christina Ha's original sound
Replying to @selenaponder Scissor reveal and a name reveal at the very end.
I didn't realize that my aunt gave these to my dad until I asked where he bought them. He doesn't know where they're from. My aunt passed about 27 years ago so these scissors are very special to him. To take care of them, every few months, he takes them apart to sharpen and clean. They're strong, durable, and reliable. Even so, I was very surprised at what he named them. #catdadha #reveal #sewingsupplies #smallbusiness #familyhistory #dad #familystorytime
Replying to @susanlovesfae This was unexpected, but my parents were absolutely psyched when I told them about all of you. My mom clapped and cheered and my dad kept asking me for high fives all day. I'm really grateful that my parents get to spend their retirement in a meaningful way that gives them purpose, joy, and pride. Plus, they get to help cats!
Our new foster is about 6 days old and she is doing really well thanks to you. I'd love some name suggestions for her. #catdadha #catdad #fosterkittens #smallbusiness #adayinthelife
Today is #internationalwomensday so I wanted to share a memory that my mom wrote about her own mother.

My mom only owns one hanbok, which she's had for so long that there are pictures of her wearing it when I was just a toddler. While I'm sure she bought hers, it never occurred to me that her mother would have made her own. I don't know if it was because my grandmother never had the opportunity to buy a hanbok or if that was something she learned from her own mother. But the thought that every time she wanted to wash her hanbok, she had to open up all the stitches, wash each part, and sew it back together again (by hand) shows how proud she was that her youngest daughter went to college. My mom had told me that her mother was one of the only people to show up wearing a hanbok at her graduation, but she had told her that she wanted to show off her nicest outfit and now I know how important that hanbok was to her.

For several years during the Korean War, my grandfather had assumed the identity of a rich man's son in order to serve in his place during the war in exchange for a place for my grandmother and their children to stay. To make money, my grandmother would travel to the city and buy essentials like soaps and bring them back to sell to other villagers. After the war, they resumed their lives as farmers and when my grandfather died, my grandmother somehow found a way to pay for my mom's college education. I've only met my grandmother once, when I was 2 years old, but I know she's buried on the farm and that my cousin still lives there. So one day, I hope we get to visit and pay our respects to my incredible grandmother. #strongwomen #korean #koreanstories #grandma
It was probably the first day of 3rd grade when I got off the school bus and my neighbor's mom showed up to take photos of her and to cheer her on. My parents were at their store and while I had gotten off the bus many times before without any fanfare, it was the first time I realized that some people have parents who are able to celebrate every little milestone with them. I imagine that when I called my mom in tears, her heart broke into a million little pieces knowing that she couldn't be there.
As I grew older, to spare us both from moments like this, I stopped telling them. If I already knew they weren't going to come, I couldn't be disappointed that they didn't make it and they didn't have to feel like lesser parents because they couldn't have it all. As their business became tougher, I told them even less so they wouldn't have any additional stress on top of what they were already dealing with. But they still made it out sometimes. They both showed up the day I opened @macaronparlour and to meet all the cats when we started @meowparlour. My mom felt so sorry that she couldn't help more that she immediately jumped on the pile of dishes in the sink and I had to tell her to just stop and enjoy herself as a guest.
We genuinely had no idea what retirement would look like for my parents. My mom started working 2 days after she landed in America. For the first time ever, they were confronted with an excess of time. So I told them about @catcampusa. I know my parents have a hard time driving into the city and that it's become harder as they got older so I didn't expect them to come.
I was so shocked when they did. They rode a train, a trip that included a transfer at Newark Penn Station, and walked all the way to the venue. And they were so shocked at how many moving parts there are at Cat Camp. As we bumped into my friends, there would be a moment where they and I would have tears in our eyes as we talked about how Cat Camp got its start and what it had become.
My parents won't be joining us in San Diego this weekend, but I am a little sentimental thinking about how at our last in-person event, they surprised me with their love and support.
#catdadha #parents #family
Replying to @katfin38 One of the most exciting things about kittens is how quickly things can change. Jimin was so dull when she came to me and now she's belting out tunes every few hours to let me know it's time to feed her. Although she is very small, she has most of her teeth so I put down a tiny bit of food and she was excited to try it out. She is the definition of a #luckygirl #kitten #meowparlour
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