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Tall queens, don’t come up short this fall/winter! Stand tall with my tips to beat the seasonal sadness. We got this, ladies! Here’s a few tips to help you:

1.Enjoy cozy days in with hot drinks, movies, books, and connecting with friends. So y’all know I’m trying all the fall drinks at @starbucks & @dunkin ☕️

2.Stay active with fun classes like dance and gym sessions. I was looking at classes @crunchgym 🔒

3.Pick up hobbies like arts, crafts, or puzzles to engage your mind. Y’all know @wexistinc is my thing and I have a lot of new projects coming so I am excited to show you!🔥

4.Make time for social events and spending time with your support system. Listen if you have to do things alone in the beginning it’s fine but I don’t want to hear you don’t have friends or support because you have to change your mindset 😅

5.Get some ☀️! Bundle up and go for daily walks outside. I am doing 15 minutes daily with my girl @madfit.ig

6.Decorate your space with things that spark joy to surround yourself with comfort. My @amazon Carr is about to look crazy because I have to redecorate and tap into my grown women era! 💅🏾

7.Practice self-care regularly! Issa must my girl, we have to feel good and look good!

8. Take vitamin D supplements. Tall girls are at higher risk of vitamin D deficiency since their body has more surface area. Making sure to get adequate vitamin D, especially in winter, can help improve mood.

9. Practice the @the_four_agreements_official

10. Thank you for reading this far, lmk in the comments which tip helped you or if you already do some of these things!

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#wexist #seasonaldepression #mondaymindset #tallgirls #mentalhealthmatters #fyp
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