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Dance of Hope



With World Bridge Foundation, you gain a unique cross-cultural experience and make a lasting difference in the lives of vulnerable children living in poverty.

Our touring program funds education for these children, and our child sponsorship program allows you to contribute directly to their wellbeing.

And we have only a few days to raise $60,000 to make one of our programs, Dance of Hope's, US tour dream a reality.

Donate today at the
#linkinbio !

A donation of any amount matters and directly helps support global communities.

We need your help to show how powerful the power of unity is to achieve great things and make a difference.

Make your contribution today and get Dance of Hope on tour!

They say that a single voice can create a ripple effect.

Imagine what the collective power of the youth could do.

And no matter where you are in the world, everyone can be a part of this global movement.

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