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We bring bold brands to life. wearegrant.com

SECRET DESIGN CHALLENGE 1.0 5 colours + 1.5 hrs + your favorite place in the world- these were the parameters! No one on the team had any idea what we’d be doing, so this was a true secret right up until the end. In true Aislinn fashion I forgot to film the actual process- next time 👌 #graphicdesign #designchallenge #designagency #calgary  created by Grant. with Taylor Swift’s Bejeweled
Our team was in town for one full week together! There was #stampeding , there were #snacks , there were #photos , and of course we had to have a little #CalgaryStampede2023 shindig complete with a Grant-themed bingo.

No fun was had.

#designagency #designfirm #branding #brandingagency #calgarydesign #calgary
Naming, Brand Identity, Web Design, Print Design, Digital Design | Wilet

We are so very excited to launch this brand - working with
@WILET has been an incredible experience, and it certainly helps that we have been huge fans of their company and products for a long, long time.

“To us, home is a place of rest and restoration.

We can’t always control what’s happening outside, but there’s a lot we can do to keep things calm on the inside. We believe homes should be our sanctuary.

In a fast-moving world where stress comes at us from all directions, Wilet is here to settle things down with thoughtful goods that bring slowness back into our lives.

Whether it’s crawling into bed after a long day, a relaxing bath, or wrapping up on the couch with a book, rest looks different to everyone. And we know it’s not just about comfort — it’s essential to our overall well-being.

At Wilet, we’ve created a range of soft goods that flow through your home, ready to effortlessly embrace the slow.”

From their linen beginnings to lots of exciting new happenings on the way, we are VERY thrilled to say: welcome to the world Wilet!

#branding #brandingdesign #brandidentity #logodesign #visualidentity #graphicdesign #websitedesign #designer #designagency #calgarybrands #vancouverbranding #vancouverdesign #yvr #wilet #linen #linenbrand #linenbedding #bedsheets #linengoods #marketingagency #marketing #design
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