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i’m an artist and college professor. let’s get to 500! 🌈🦄♥️🖤💚🦬 #nyc

just here doing some research on thee icon #WhoopiGoldberg and stumbled across this clip from “Chez Whoopi”, an HBO special she filmed in #Crenshaw , #LosAngeles in 1991. She did not shy away from the political nor the #Black and she kept it 💯. I just wish more folks would’ve listened back then. ( i could not vote at the time lol) #supremecourt #affirmativeaction #usa #fyp #learnontiktok
Here’s our first lesson in #BlackAmericanDramawithWBM (working title). We go over some basics about The American Theatre, and talk a bit about Barbara Ann Teer’s 1968 @New York Times Opinion letter, and #AugustWilson ’s The Ground on Which I Stand speech. feel free to stitch your questions and opinions! Next week, we’re discussing “The Black Church” series on @PBS . (also i had so many technical issues getting this video together. sigh)

#theatre #theatrekid #college #learnontiktok #fyp
ohmigod the #renaissanceworldtour was an EPIC experience. #GRWM , or more accurately let’s look at some of the less discussed elements that made this show so spectacular. part of the magic of this show was how #beyonce curated such a talented group of #artists to bring the whole vision to life. she was of course the superstar she is, but everybody played their part in making the night truly one of a kind. also shout out to #neneleakes for crashing my video. i highly recommend this show (and i’m deliberately limiting beyonce footage so you can see her for yourself!) #atlanta #night2 #fyp
just a little #BTS on how me and @marindanderson bring The Incredible Drunkertons to life. our costumes are a mix of custom and #vintage garments that we get tailored to perfection. Make sure you follow @The Incredible Drunkertons !

#thrift #nyc #juneteenth #fyp #music
Replying to @dbgreene moonlight is an amazing film, but is it a gay one? i rhink there are valid arguments for both.
Replying to @ajani_v believe it or not there are so many #black #gay #films ! heres a few to start. i’ll keep adding more as we continue through the semester. dont worry, you wont have to do homework lol.
Replying to @bfd301 i’m the worst at choosing favorites, but here’s a few lol
Replying to @bagsbeforebabies definitely not as much as it should be. some folks also call it “urban theater”.
#stitch with @isaaclikes_ #citibike should be for all people and in more places. that it is seen as a sign of gentrification is a problem. #notanad #notsponsored #nyc #nyclife #flatbush #brooklyn #fyp
Replying to @marmeemarch i’ll do a longer video on #noahsarc but i loved. that series and felt connected to those characters, especially in my 20s. #blackhistorymonth
Replying to @stonedatthenailshop i haven’t read the on dahomey script so i guess my perspective is limited here. but in general, i much rather a new play lol. #blackhistorymonth #broadway #musicaltheatre
Replying to @dionnkatrina it’s all acting and most actors work across both at some point but here are a few that come to mind. went with the fallen angels to lift up the ancestors during #blackhistorymonth
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