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Water First


Safe Water Needs Skilled People



Today is the International Day for Biological Diversity, so let’s talk about #Benthics! Benthic sampling examines the organisms found at the bottom of a body of water (called the Benthic zone).  Our Environmental Water Program works with Indigenous communities across Canada on projects that help those communities better understand the health of their lakes and rivers — and examining Benthics is just one way we do that! #BenthicMacroinvertebrates #WaterScience #Biodiversity #LearnOnTiktok  created by Water First with 's Summer day
Safe water needs skilled people. People like Keegan.

Keegan is a Technical Trainer and Project Coordinator at Water First. He works primarily with the
#Environmental Water Program.

Recently, Keegan visited Park Lake in Labrador to deliver a winter monitoring workshop. Winter workshops like these are important to communities in the north, and not just with respect to water health. Participants explore how winter science can be used to monitor snowmobiling trails for safety, how changing snow conditions can affect caribou migration patterns, or how changing amounts of snow falling can affect the overall temperature of a fishery once the snow and ice melt in the spring.

Learn how you can support Indigenous communities in building skills and capacity to address water challenges: www.waterfirst.ngo/SafeWater

We spotted @Ryan Reynolds rocking a Water First toque… and the Internship team just had to respond! 👀🤣 Thank you, Ryan, for being a Water First supporter. 💙
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