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Instagram: @warbb_art ◆ website: warbb.com warbb. is a digital artist. 🇳🇱



Last month I was invited to Dubai by Marleen from @goldrepublic to share my view on future finance as a digital artist. In order to express my gratitude I gifted Marleen my very first 1/50 fine art print called ‘Athena’. All other attendees of this unique event were given the same art piece as a thank you for the amazing time in Dubai. This moment is the start of a brand new chapter of which more will come soon!You can check out the entire video by @Day1 h ere: https://youtu.be/ncRUNuU7uPs
To celebrate the collaboration between @GALA and @Bassjackers they dropped this music NFT to all GALA node holders!!! ITS GALA💥 .ART by: warbb
Symphony. This is my submission for #harmankardonsuites2022. My art is inspired by the amazing music of Lang Lang. Mixing grace with passion and the past with the future, as I love to always do with my art. If I make the finals with this piece it will be displayed at Montreux Jazz Festival and listed as an NFT! Fingers crossed! #nft # nfts # digitalart # warbb # 3dart # motionart
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