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Vanessa | Work & Study in 🇪🇺


Work & study in 🇪🇺/🇬🇧 🇺🇸🇲🇽 in 🇩🇪 Find out more 🔗 wanderonwards.co


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Looking for a way to live in 🇪🇸🇫🇷🇮🇹? You can do a year long program at a language school for $5-6k! 😬 (tuition cost for 1 year) Integrating will only help you in the long run and unlock your options locally as you won’t be limited to just English-speaking jobs. Plus you can network while you’re in town learning and secure the bag/next opportunity when your program ends💰  ____________________________  Follow @wanderonwards for more wealth & wanderlust content  ‼️Do not download & repurpose my content‼️  #studentvisa #overseaseducation #studyoverseas #studyvisa #scholarships #studyineurope #internationaleducation created by Vanessa | Work & Study in 🇪🇺 with Percy Faith And His Orchestra’s Theme from "A Summer Place"
Had to include 🇺🇸 to represent my #Chicana heritage

Tell me why I know 8 pairs of 🇩🇪 + 🇲🇽 couples??? 👀


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#latina #chicana #latinoamerica #latinostiktok #latinoseneuropa
This is not a budget solution 🫣 but it’s #goals

Countries you can buy a passport from #moveabroad

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#adventurethatislife #adventurevisuals
#letsgosomewhere #personalfinancetips #neverstopexploring
Working in London 🇬🇧 as a foreigner 🇺🇸

Some sneaky shots from the office in-between meetings of course! 😜

My experience of working in tech abroad has been largely positive because it’s such a diverse and international community.

⚠️ Different industries will result in different experiences

In tech, we work predominantly in English since everyone is from everywhere so the transition was simple as a native English speaker.

If you’re not a native speaker, focus on business English to stay competitive in the global market.

Sometimes there are cultural misunderstandings because of different ways of working or communication styles, but in a diverse working environment, grace is typically given. The key is to make sure there is balance between the styles.

The immigration process was a cluster f%€k and was 100% traumatized by the whole experience.

Also HOT TIP 🔥 American companies abroad tend to pay more than local companies so target 🎯 those companies specifically in the UK 🤑

You will still be paid less abroad/UK than your peers in the US, but you won’t need to worry about healthcare issues or being laid off with 24 hour notice 🫠

🔗 Want a list of recruiters that SPECIALIZE in relocating
#expats to the EU? Download my FREE cheat sheet by using the link in my bio.


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