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🐻‍❄️ Felix the Samoyed 💌 felix@thetraveltellers.com

Ready for new adventures with @tractive 😍🐾 *Ad / Werbung

Amazing news for all the adventure lovers like Felix out there! Tractive has just launched a new GPS tracker in an Adventure Edition 🐾 It‘s made for big dogs (22kg +), extra strong and bite proof 😁 The battery lasts up to 1 month, the tracker is waterproof and lightweight 🤗 We are big fans because Felix loves to play in the water & dirt 💦 🏔️
Get 30% off Tractive by using the code ‚wanderlust30‘ 🐻‍❄️
#tractive #tractivegps #travel #adventure
Exploring the world safely together with @tractive 🐻‍❄️ *Ad / Werbung

The Tractive GPS tracker gives us a good & save feeling every day - no matter where we are. In case Felix runs away we can check on the app where he went and follow his live location 📍 🗺️ Do you use one for your pet?
In case you want to try it: Get 30% off by using the code ‚wanderlust30‘
A day in Felix life with @tractive 🐻‍❄️ *Ad / Werbung

If you‘ve been following us for a while you know that we love to use the Tractive GPS tracker to follow every step of Felix 🐾 Another great feature is the Wellness Monitoring feature which allows us to check his wellness score and monitor his activity and sleep 😴 We can also set goals, spot patterns and compare Felix to dogs like him. This is an awesome feature to make sure he gets enough rest and exercise and to detect potential issues early on 🤗

Get 30% off Tractive by using the code ‚wanderlust30‘ 💙 #tractivegps
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