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Walk Rocks


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Are you leaving sweet notes for your kids in the lead up to Valentine's? Let's brainstorm together and be inspired! Drop your ideas for sweet notes in the comments.❣️👇 They can be silly, encouraging, loving, thankful, anything to give your kids a smile!

Here are a few of mine to get you started. Some of them refer to recent moments from our life:

♡ Each day, I'm in awe of how unbelievably lucky I am to be your mom! xoxo
♡ You bring me so many smiles!
♡ I'm sorry you skinned your knees in the game! :-D
♡ It is always so fun to watch you play volleyball and basketball!
♡ Good job on your homework!
♡ I love watching you learn & grow!
♡ I'm looking forward to shopping with you today!

Precut, blanks and custom sweet notes at walk-rocks.com.
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