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We rescue dogs & find them homes 🐶 📍 Los Angeles Donate via Venmo @DogsInNeed



OMG we got more puppies!!! These puppies came from the same puppy mill we pulled from last week. We got word that there were still 30 dogs in need of our help, and they were all going to be put down if we didn’t step in. These dogs are here! They are safe, and they are perfect!!! There are Goldens, Aussie Doodles, Cocker spaniels and they’re all so sweet an happy to be here.  
They’re all going to be available fro you to come visit tonight from 7pm-10pm, and tomorrow starting at 10am.  Let’s get these guys a home, Wagmor Fam! 🐶 #puppiesoftiktok  #puppyplay #cutenessoverload #rescuepuppies #wagmorpets #puppies   created by wagmorpets with wagmorpets's original sound
Replying to @nicolaswendl Time for a little PUP QUIZ!!! 🤔📝 (PART 2!)

Did you know the answer to all of these questions? ⁉️

Being a responsible dog owner goes beyond just the basic care of your pet, but it also means doing research on them before you get them. This helps make sure that the dogs you are getting will stay out of shelters for the rest of their lives!!!! 🧡

We went back to the streets of West Hollywood with our friends and favorite food sponsor @lucypetfoods to see how much people know about Dogs and Rescue! 🙏

Rescuing starts with YOU. 🫵 And with your commitment to education and spreading knowledge, we can help keep the shelters clear, and continue to save as many dogs as we can. 🧡

🧡 WagmorPets.org/Foster

📮 WagmorPets.org/Adoption

🐶 ##puppiesofinstagram ##puppyplay ##cutenessoverload ##rescuepuppies ##wagmorpets #puppies
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