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Vollbrecht Adaptive Consulting


Adaptive fashion consultancy working to make the fashion industry inclusive.

We're so excited to share a clip of Spina Bifida Association of Greater New England and Spina Bifida Association of New York State's virtual fashion show, Strut & Stroll! Tracy Vollbrecht had the honor of hosting the roundtable discussion that followed the show. The link to the recording is below!

#FashionForAll #StrutAndStroll #AdaptiveFashion #AdaptiveFashionShow

2023 Strut and Stroll Virtual Fashion Show and Roundtable Discussion:  

Video Description: Tracy interviews model Nicol about her experience with the fashion show and shopping as a wheelchair user.
#InclusivityStartsWithEducation - Part One! Our first read is Being Heumann by #JudithHeumann . If you’ve read this book, watched #CripCamp , or just love Judy and all her amazing work, let us know below! ⬇️

Media Description: A video of Tracy introducing the mini series. This video is followed by a photo of the cover of Judith Heumann’s book which shows a black and white photo of Judith’s reflection in a large dresser mirror. She’s sitting in her wheelchair with a floral curtain behind her. The cover is followed by a video of Tracy once again talking to the viewers.
#InclusivityStartsWithEducation Introduction! Sharing some background on our upcoming #MiniSeries . Excited to share our first book!

Video Description: Tracy, a white woman with curled red hair, provides some background on Vollbrecht Adaptive Consulting’s pillars and the upcoming mini series around inclusivity education.
Amplifying some awesome #AdaptiveFashion brands! First up is #ChristinaStephensClothing and their new gender neutral puffer vests and jackets! #AdaptiveFashionEducation
We loved supporting our friends @ifaparisofficial & #KentStateFashionSchool at their #NewYorkFashionWeek show! 👏🏼

Video Description: 4 clips of a fashion show. The first clip is the venue with videos projected on the walls. The second and third clips show two different models walking down the runway, showing two different looks. The first look is a black dress with cascade details. The second look has white big sleeves, a cut out top, and a black skirt. The last clip is all the models from the show walking and clapping while wearing their show looks.
Exciting news! 🥳 #SnackSizeSmorgasbord #AdaptiveFashionConsulting

Video Description: The first photo in the video is an off-white background with a selfie of Tracy, a white woman with red hair, wearing a yellow dress with flowers on it. The text on the image reads “SNACK-SIZE. SMORGASBORD. Connect with me! Tracy Vollbrecht. Design + Development for Adaptive Fashions. NEW YORK, NY + SAN FRANCISCO, CA. Fave Snack: Mimolette + Honey Oat Gouda Cheese.” The second photo has text that is being read aloud. The third photo is the same as the first photo.
The oldest mention of #AdaptiveFashion that we’ve seen thus far!

Video Description: Tracy, a white woman with strawberry blonde hair and the founder of Vollbrecht Adaptive Consulting, talks about the two photos of newspaper clippings behind her. The top image is a black and white newspaper clipping of an article from Newsday Nassau in 1968 with written text on adaptive fashion and two images of women wearing adaptive fashion. The woman in the left photo uses crutches, while the woman in the right photo uses a wheelchair. The bottom image is a black and white newspaper clipping from the Bridgeport Post in 1964 showing a range of photos of women wearing adaptive fashion. The women use a variety of mobility aids.
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