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#Jamu , the general term for traditional herbal drinks that help improve digestion and maintain overall health, is a daily way of life and a cornerstone of culture across the Indonesian island of Java. “Jamu is all about accessible wellness, and that’s what makes it so powerful; it’s not just a beverage, it’s the concept of taking care of yourself,” says Metta Murdaya, founder of jamu-based beauty line Juara and author of Jamu Lifestyle: Indonesian Herbal Wellness Tradition. A typical #jamujuice , which falls somewhere on the bitter and sweet spectrum in taste, is created first by blending together a combination of roots, herbs, and spices to balance taste and desired health benefits. Then, the mixture is boiled in water until it’s ready to be bottled and served at room temperature later.

While there are thousands of variations of jamu that differ between regions (in Java, recipes are more root and spice heavy, while in Bali, there are more fruit and leaves), there are the tried-and-true recipes all Indonesians know. Have a cold? There’s pahitan, which translates to “bitter” and is led by the immune system-supporting Sambiloto herb. Period cramps? There’s kunyit asam, made from anti-inflammatory turmeric and tamarind. Looking after overall wellness? There’s temulawak, its moniker a nod to its primary ingredient “Java turmeric,” which supports everything from healthy digestion to liver health. On an average day, Mulatsih brews each of these acid-bright multisensory tonics and more.

Jamu gendongs in Indonesia (gendong means “to carry on your back") historically have been jamu ladies that transport their concoctions themselves, carrying as many as 12 glass bottles at a time in a bamboo basket strapped to their back with scarves—they walk—seemingly tirelessly—for miles at a time. However, over the past few decades, more modern jamu gendongs, like Mulatsih, have shifted to motor scooters to maximize mobility and range of distance.
In her episode of #7D7L , #TessaThompson shares the many uses she gets out of her go-to suit—including hiding from someone, she may not want to see.
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@katyperry and @mirandakerr are committed to setting an example for blended families everywhere. In her episode of #LifeInLooks , the superstar shares the two are not only co-parents but friends.
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@katyperry has been in the glam chair for over 15 years, and she has developed some tricks along the way. In her episode of #LifeInLooks , the superstar shares how she mastered the "doll pose" to make sure she always likes her look from start to finish.
@katyperry has always been a dedicated #MetGala attendee. In her episode of #LifeInLooks , the superstar shares her favorite #MetGala looks—a chandelier, and the infamous cheeseburger.
No, #IrinaShayk did not just wake up like that on the 2021 #MetGala red carpet. Here, #moschino ’s former creative director #JeremyScott reflects on creating the model’s custom look.
#JeremyScott ’s #Moschino era will always have our hearts, especially the many iconic #MetGala moments the designer delivered—like this one with supermodel #IrinaShayk .
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From Daniel Lee’s debut at #Burberry , #Gucci ’s in-house designed fall collection to #MiuMiu ’s star studded cast including #EmmaCorrin , #ZayaWade , #MiaGoth and beyond these are the 10 most viewed collections from this season.
In this episode of #FirstLooks , @gigihadid (who closed the @versace fall 2023 show) shares her hopes for #DonatellaVersace ahead of the designer’s latest star-studded showing. Hint: give the designer her flowers!
#TessaThompson proves she's all about having fun when getting dressed in her installment of #7D7L . The Creed III star delivers everything from "dainty giraffe" meets intergalactic pop star to a downhome detective as she shares a look inside her avant-garde wardrobe.
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