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#ArsemaThomas , aka Lady Danbury in #QueenCharlotte : A #Bridgerton Story, proves she's the perfect person for the role. The actor answered questions for the character without missing a beat!
When #PriyankaChopraJonas married into the Jonas family, the actor learned an important American phrase—the hair of the dog. She's been a fan ever since!
When #HalleBailey hit the 2023 #MetGala red carpet, the #TheLittleMermaid star spoke with #EmmaChamberlain about paying homage to her character on fashion's biggest night. Her #Gucci gown was a look fit for a princess!
#TheLittleMermaid starring #HalleBailey , has all things mermaids at the top of everyone’s mind. In honor of the movie hitting theaters yesterday, Vogue editor @josé Criales-Unzueta breaks down the most memorable #mermaidcore looks to hit the runway.
The Vogue staff knows how to dress for a party, especially one they helped throw. From 2011 #Chanel to borrowed chains from mom’s closet and more, here’s what they wore to the #MetGala2023 .
Your favorite stars like #GiGiHadid , #NaomiCampbell , #LilyRoseDepp #JennieKim , and more leaned into old Hollywood glamour for this year's #CannesFilmFestival red carpet.
#TroyeSivan brought us along as he prepared to hit the #CannesFilmFestival red carpet for the premiere of #TheIdol . During his episode of #GettingReady , the star shares the secret to getting the hottest picture possible every single time—thanks to some tips he picked up from co-star #LilyRoseDepp .

Head to vogue.com to watch the full episode.
On the first Monday in May, the world’s biggest stars ascended the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the 2023 #MetGala to celebrate “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty.” Appropriately, the dress code read simply “in honor of Karl,” which means designers and stars alike pulled out all the stops for the occasion. Among the best dressed attendees was the model #AnokYai , dressed by #PrabalGurung , in a gold dress with a pannier skirt that seemed to evaporate into thin air. Watch the latest episode of #BehindtheLook for a deep dive on how this mermaid-core Met Gala moment came to life.  
Raise your hand if you've looked up and attempted #AlexisRen 's infamous ab workout on Youtube. As seen on the latest episode of #VogueBeautySecrets .
#MargotRobbie experiences imposter syndrome as much as the next girl. Just before leaving for the 13th annual Governors Awards, the star questioned whether or not she was pulling off the #BottegaVeneta look she wore, only for her friends to blow up her phone praising the look once she hit the carpet. Watch her full episode of #LifeInLooks at vogue.com.
Playing fashion and silver screen icon #SharonTate in #QuentinTarantino ‘s 2019 hit #OnceUponATimeInHollywood came with major white gogo boots to fill and some unexpected benefits. In her episode of #LifeInLooks , #MargotRobbie shares how she got to keep one of the most memorable looks from the film.
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#MargotRobbie shares the effort that went into making #GretaGerwig ’s #BarbieMovie “authentically artificial” in her episode of #LifeInLooks . Watch the full episode on vogue.com.
It’s business #Barbie ! Look behind the scenes of Vogue’s summer issue cover shoot starring #MargotRobbie , aka Margot Barbie. With larger-than-life props surrounding her while decked in several Barbie-core looks, the star proves Barbie really is the ultimate summer fashion muse. Directed by @Ethan James Green
#MargotRobbie has portrayed some of the most stylish characters to hit the silver screen, and in her episode of #LifeInLooks , she’s sharing how clothes help define the characters. Like Naomi from #WolfOfWallStreet —a character who knew her sexuality was currency and used flattering silhouettes that carried a punch to control situations and the main character.
#MargotRobbie has played some incredibly memorable characters, one being #HarleyQuinn . The actress shares how the character’s troublesome past was reflected in her costume and how she helped to get #HarleyQuinn her own movie.
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