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singer / producer / composter https://visualsmusic.com/links

make a #cardboard #musicvideo or lose your mind trying...

Last summer we built a whole world of cardboard for the song "Delivery Man" using Amazon boxes. The tune is about the false promise of salvation through consumerism... we wanted to represent an epic battle of good and evil between the "delivery man" and "the taker"...

It took about 1000 hours all together, especially with compositing, and we truly almost lost it in the heat of a windowless studio... but we thinknit was worth it...

#bts #worldbuilding #synthtok #psychedelicvisuals #kaiju
this is a song called lavendar lake. its a #lofi #psychedelicrock tune with elements of #boombap and #grunge . i wrote it 14 years ago ! in my bedroom studio. #archive


You know where it goes
Water runs down the side streets
Dirty lake where the oil bakes
Nothing swims or crawls

Lavender Lake
Nobody Is
Trying to make
Things clear again
Lavender Lake
Nobody Is
Trying to make
Things clear again

And that's fine, fine, fine
That's fine, fine, fine
That's fine, fine, fine

Lead paint, atomic precinct
Bodies under the water
Superfund, feeling undone
Sunset In your Eye

You want to cross the bridge
But the Boothman says it his

Tell him its mine, mine, mine
@houseoffeelings lessons in content for olds @waterghost O_o
@james . a genius musician, mixer behind #lightbreaks and damn good friend. #electronicmusic #friends #robotsontiktok
i'm payin the #bills #deliveryman got to number 1 on @tidal 's THE PULSE #thepulse playlist and i'm drivin this truck to celebrate
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