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Chicago | Jack Gillespie


📍Chicago Striving to create a positive impact ❤️ 📧 visualsbyjackllc@gmail.com


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#ad A day in my life in Chicago vlog. @IZZE keeps me going for all my adventures in the city!🔥 #izze created by Chicago | Jack Gillespie with Marshall Magic’s Oceans
#ad I thought my college campus could use a little holiday cheer, and everybody loves a donut, so I surprised students by handing out donuts from @dunkin! I wrote a nice note for each person too. A lot of students on campus are taking exams right now, so I loved being able to brighten up their day with the gift of donuts! A small gesture can go a long way! ❤️🍩 #chicago #dunkin #dunkindonuts #collegestudents #collegelife #collegevlog #spreadingkindness #positivitytok #chicagocolleges #universityofillinoischicago #universityofillinois
I recently went around Downtown Chicago handing out @Garrett Popcorn Shops to make people in the city smile. We handed out their famous Garrett Mix, which has been my favorite popcorn ever since I was a little kid. One small gesture can make someone’s entire day 🍿❤️🙌🏼 #GarrettPartner #garrettpopcorn #ad #gourmetpopcorn

#popcorn #positivity #positivevibes #meetingnewpeople #chicago #kindnessmatters #kindness
This is by far the coolest vintage furniture warehouse I’ve ever stepped foot in- @Modern Hill Furniture is the largest Mid-Century modern collection in the entire country- filled with unique vintage pieces from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s! They’re a 25 minute drive from Chicago and they also ship to anywhere in the country if you’re not local to the Chicagoland area! Restoration is included in all pieces and their collection updates weekly! Be aware that this is all authentic vintage furniture so it’s not going to be cheap. You can buy and sell here too! I’m definitely going back in a month or two to see which new items they have! 👀 #vintagefurniture #midcenturymodern #midcenturymodernfurniture #thingstodoinillinois #1970saesthetic #chicagovintage #chicagoshopping #retrofurniture
#Ad Have you tried Wendy’s breakfast yet? I grew up on the Wendy’s Frosty so when I saw they had Frosty Cream Cold Brew, I had to come try it! Available in three flavors- Vanilla, Caramel and Chocolate! I also tried the Wendy’s breakfast combinations, including the French toast sticks and the bacon egg and cheese breakfast combination. Go try Wendy’s breakfast for yourself, available from 6:30 am - 10:30 am! #Wendys #WendysBreakfast #WendysFrostyCreamColdBrew @Wendy’s #WendysFrosty
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