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Virginia Kraljevic


Artist & Educator LA Times, Chanel, IKEA, Vans, HGTV

To all the creatives out there who have a grumpy ego constantly undermining whatever you do — I have so much compassion for you. I mention some career highlights here not to sound fancy, but to show you that no matter where you think someone else is in their life, they can have negative/insecure mind chatter all the same. I am so grateful for every opportunity I’ve ever had — and yet, imposter syndrome always managed to creep into my mind with self-doubt and judgmental thoughts. It wasn’t until I accepted/owned who I was (all along!) that my mind began to settle down. You would think that it was an easy/quick thing to do, but I had years of mental conditioning and limiting beliefs to bust through. And now I could not be more proud to be an artist! If only I had known that being an artist doesn’t just mean doodling on a piece of paper, it’s all the other stuff that comes along with the prize: community, connection, growth, experiences, opportunities, expansion, inspiration, and making a difference in someone else’s life.

Wherever you are on your creative journey, please bust through that door of acceptance as fast as you can. Own who you are. On the other side of fear is fun, freedom, and even more magic than you could imagine ✨🥰

Sending you so much love.


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