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Debt free trailer living on 10acre homestead Let’s collab akzent.ranch@gmail.com



Replying to @mojosolid one day I’ll post a video and not get this comment 😫🤞🏻 do y’all just live under a rock or do you just refuse to acknowledge the fact that tripods exist?
Replying to @tiffanygoetz no such thing as too much firewood and maybe even a new table set. My goal is to let nothing go to waste 🥰 #homestead #homesteadliving #countrylife #countryliving #treework #fallentree #ranchlife
Replying to @phonebumx I’m just kidding guys. Yes, I bought the land just busted out laughing at the thought of someone randomly starting to build a cabin somewhere in nowhere 🤣 #drycabin #buildingacabin #offgridcabin #offgridlife
Replying to @jamesmiller124 insecure men always tell on themselves when their fragile masculinity is threatened. With that being said I appreciate all my supporting men in the comments trying to help and appreciate what I’m doing. It really shows who is man enough not to scared of a strong woman ❤️
Replying to @user2501107956208 not only do I love sharing what I do but I also always get so many tips and tricks that are just super helpful when I’m just trying to wing it! #offgridcabin #cabinlife #buildingacabin #buildingacabin
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