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Sustainable solutions to real-life problems.✨ Shop #mellabyveriant now!πŸ‘‡

πŸ’‘ When we were developing The Shower Cap, we thought about how we would package it. ⁠
πŸ›€ The Shower Cap is our silicone accessory for our 3-in-1 powder cleanser, Appeeling To The Cleanses. It makes it shower-proof by helping prevent water and humidity from getting in the bottle. It also doubles as a mini mixing bowl for whipping up Appeeling To The Cleanses as a mask.⁠
πŸͺ΄ Rather than put this little cap in a box or plastic bag, we chose to simply label it with our biodegradable & compostable PLA labels. The QR code leads you to the product page on our site with all the info you could ever need. Simple, right?⁠
πŸ‘£ Not only does this make for a way smaller footprint, but it lowers the product's cost, and therefore its price to you. That's why The Shower Cap is only $2.
Reply to @veriantbrands Answering common questions about our melatonin-infused skincare products πŸ’™πŸŒ™ #melatonin #sustainablebeauty #skincaretiktok
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