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Vera Blue Music


‘Mercurial’ album out now 💐💐



MERCURIAL IS HERE 💐 I am in love with this Album, it’s been an absolute roller coaster making it, but now stepping back, listening and experiencing the sounds, emotions and stories, I feel so proud of what we’ve created and even how far I’ve come as a person throughout the journey of making #Mercurial . Being an emotional person is a pure, unexpectedly wild and extremely vulnerable quality that can push and pull you back and forth like a storm, but being an emotional person I believe is a superpower and incredibly beautiful if you can learn to harness it. It’s through learning we develop a sense of understanding an acceptance and compassion towards ourselves, others, and the world around us. Mercurial is yours now to feel and embrace in your own unique and special way, and I’ll be with you, carrying you through it all. Thank you to all involved in this body of work 🥹 I wouldn’t have been able to do this without you! Link in bio to listen now, enjoy the ride 🌈 #verablue #fyp
#duet with @pariscavdance #callitacurse I LOVE THIS SO MUUUUCH 🥹❤️💋 means so much to see you dancing to my music 🥲 #fyp #dance #wow #foryou
For all of those #romantic , #bigdreamers and #brokenhearts out there, this one is for you…. ‘Mermaid Avenue’ is OUT NOW 🌊🥂✨ Music video coming soon. #verablue #mermaidavenue #fyp
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