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Michelle Avery


(She/her) Watercolor Artist 🥀✨


“All-Seeing Queen” watercolor on paper, mounted to custom-cut panel (designed and cut by me), varnished, and tied together with string ✨

Available though and on view at @archenemyarts in Philadelphia! ♥️🔪
“Mother Of The Night” 2019 #watercolor on paper, mounted to panel, varnished ✨

I’ve always had a slight obsession with showing you insides, the kind of insides that go beyond anatomy and show you the parts that are only seen to the person who’s insides they are.

A few things to note: the two eye-flowers in the hands are different. One has an eye in full color, the other has a completely faded, drained, unalived eye. The eyes growing out of the heart are closed, they eventually will bloom (open) and show externally. They’re like the little seeds that grow from the insides but bloom on the outside. The hands, although part of the figure, are not connected. Insides and outsides are supposed to connect a little, poor lady!

WARNING: Do not stare too long at the faded eye in the middle of the chest. It looks like it can’t see you but it can see you and all of the parts of you that you don’t want anyone to see. That eye sees insides. I recommend not sharing those (especially to strange eyes you don’t know) 🔪👁️
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