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pdate 💗

Our boy has been recovering well since his spinal surgery Monday. He’s a very happy and sweet boy who still needs bladder expression 3-4 times a day. He’s been doing his PT exercises and has been on his prescribed meds from the ER. He is being fostered by our amazing medical foster and veterinarian Dr. Amanda Schuman💗💗💗. We know it could take up to 6 weeks to regain his mobility if he does so we have all the patience in the world for this guy. Biggest plus is that he is ALIVE & HAPPY. We gave him that and on top of everything else, that’s most precious!!

Thank you to everyone who donated or prayed for Parley. Thank you to his foster!! We are having a big VPRP ~ TRIVIA KNIGHT FUNDRAISER & VGK GAME to help raise funds for medical bills for Parley, Valentina, Gizmo, Saint & Angel puppy. Please get your tickets now before we sell out. Event is Thursday, April 13!

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We are hoping we can open back up for Medical Intakes in January. Please help us reach that goal 🙏It’s that time of year again to give back to your favorite charities. We are headed into our 6th year since establishment and we are still going strong… saving babies every day! We specifically try to help the medical cases that are out of this world expensive so we always need to fundraise. We don’t cut corners either. Each animal gets the full extent of medical needs met and usually at the specialty center. We have ramped up our owner assist program each year to help keep babies with their owners who might be just financially struggling at the moment. We also provide cat food to our local colony feeders twice a year and don’t forget our latest spay and neuter program. We have sent out 75 vouchers so far to owners who want to be responsible but can’t afford extra expenses. We have taken in over 175 dogs or cats this year so far and the average cost per pet runs at about $1100 but many independently have cost over $4000 each. Please consider donating and/or sharing this fundraiser so we can continue this vital community service.

Thank you ❤️

Want to join me in supporting a good cause? I'm raising money for Vegas Pet Rescue Project VPRP and your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $5 or $500. Every little bit helps. Thank you for your support. I've included information about Vegas Pet Rescue Project VPRP below.

501c3 IRS Verified

Facebook takes care of the donation processing with no fees.
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Anakin is ready for his forever family!! 💗💗

Anakin came to VPRP back in February when he was found in a junkyard completely emaciated with a belly full of rocks. He was so lucky to be found because he was just about to give up on life. He needed emergency care and that’s what he got!! He spent weeks in the ER and at Spencer Springs Animal Hospital healing. See his picture when found compared to his pictures now!! He is a happy and healthy boy again.

Anakin is house broken and uses the dog door no issues at all. He is also crate trained but he prefers no crate and for someone to be home more than not as he gets lonely without his people. We think he probably doesn’t want to be abandoned again and that he was traumatized by this. He is also very good on walks on leash and even though he has some arthritis he gets around pretty good. He He’d benefit from continuing joint supplements and of course a high quality diet. Swimmg therapy would also be great for his arthritis so pools are welcome. He loves car rides and low impact adventures.

Anakin is great with other dogs but he isn’t a young playful pup so he prefers a mellow crowd. We do not know how he is with cats but we can always cat test him if needed. Anakin would do best with older kids since he doesn’t like to be hung on or any in your face kind of attention. He gives his affections on his own terms without much crazy excitement. He’s just a very easy going guy and he’s like to find his family. 💗💗



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At the ER things can change minute to minute so todays update is not very positive unfortunately 💔

Just got off the phone with the doctor. She is worried that Althea is on the decline because she’s not responding well to many of the things that they’ve tried so far and I guess she started developing some nystagmus in her eyes and also when they try to suction the fluid out of her abdomen it’s now starting to be a little bloody so She’s afraid that she has some sort of G.I. disease or infectious disease or something like that and then with the nystagmus and her blood pressure dropping today and her proteins still being low she’s afraid that it might be some thing that’s turned into a neurological issue or maybe even a brain tumor I mean they just they have no idea so they’re going to give her like a whole blood transfusion or an albumin transfusion to try to get her blood pressure up and give her some proteins they’re going to take a bunch of tests to see if to rule out any infectious diseases that they can do without biopsy and at that point they’re going to check back in with me about how she’s doing I think the test results should come back tomorrow if she is able to hang on and at that point we’ll have some stuff ruled out and if she’s stable enough she probably would need to have an MRI to rule out anything neurologic and then have surgery to go in and basically exploratory surgery and take biopsies of her stomach things like that and see if they find any obstructions they’ve missed on scans. She still also has some fluid in her uterus but it hasn’t increased though so they’re not super concerned about that right now …they’re concerned about her stomach and neurological issues.

Please everyone pray for Althea 🙏
We are not giving up on her yet 🥺🥺🥺
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