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@VEGASLADYGAGA - Tierney Allen


✨ Las Vegas Headlining as Gaga & Amy ✨


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‼️ DONT YOU DARE COME FOR ME‼️ these are FACTS. We ALL want @ladygaga to know how she’s changed our lives personally, but this is not the way.
As a PRO entertainer, headliner in Las Vegas, let me tell you how DISTRACTING this can be for an artist. We are trying to remember cues, lines, charts, etc. and someone heckling or yelling out during a set speech break REALLY breaks the train of thought. Imagine what amazing things she might have said if she wasn’t interrupted.
Also let it be known that she’s not picking up and reading letters this time around. Lets just let her entertain us and enjoy her ✨magic✨
#ladygaga #justlisten #vegas #hottake
No one has more NY Italian pride than @ladygaga !! Eating allll the pasta in her honor of being in Vegas this week 🇮🇹
#ladygaga #nyitalian #pasta #impersonator
All of these words are true! @ladygaga is a Las Vegas icon!! The updates to the show are fantastic- I cannot wait to go again
#ladygaga #jazzandpiano #vegas #impersonator
@ladygaga Jazz & Piano opening night was INCREDIBLE!! All new gowns (except the iconic tuxedo), new set list, new interlude videos…
Worth EVERY penny and more. Cant wait to go again!!
#ladygaga #jazzandpiano #vegasshow
#stitch with @angelina #greenscreen 1000% YES! And not because you NEED it, but bc filler just cant replace what this surgical procedure can do.
@Platinum Plastic Surgery did my procedure and I couldn’t be happier with the entire experience!!
Thank you @Heather Collins for summoning me 😂
#vegas #plasticsurgeryjourney #chinaugmentation
Replying to @🫶 I will always want to grow as a vocalist and that means singing a range of genres of music!
Let me know what you want to hear next.
#singer #impersonator #ladygaga #lewiscalpadi
#stitch with @@VEGASLADYGAGA - Tierney Allen GET YOUR TIX FRIENDS! Link in BIO
The update to this show us going to be 🔥 and maybe some special guests and celebs in the audience 😉
#ladywinehouse #ladygaga #amywinehouse #vegasshow
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