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@vanfoodies - YVR food/travel


👩 Food•Beer•Wine•Travel•Outdoors 🇨🇦 Vancouver IG @vanfoodies



Dine-in at Riz Sushi should be next on your list! If you have gotten takeout from Riz Sushi before, you already know how good it is. When you dine in, Chef Ben makes sure the seafood is served at optimal skin temperature. #JoyDiaggi tried a few things on the menu and the King Salmon Oyakodon, without a doubt, was the highlight for me. It uses king salmon from New Zealand and the fish was just gorgeous to look at and it had a great mouthfeel. The 3 oshi sushi were all tasty, but I found the Shichimi Tuna to be the most special and balanced in flavour. Right now, there is also a special Kanpachi Don available and the fish tasted fresh with a hint of sweetness. I really like the seasoning of the rice in the dons. What we tried: 🍣 King Salmon Oyakodon 🍣 Kanpachi Don 🍣 Habanero Salmon Oshi 🍣 Shichimi Tuna Oshi 🍣 Berry Ebi Oshi Riz Sushi operates out of Bao Down in Olympic Village. You can also order takeout pickup or delivery from them. #japanesefood #sushi #donburi #vancouverrestaurant #vanfoodies #foodtiktok #vancouver #foodblogger #vancityfoodie #vancouverfood #oshisushi #sashimi
#asmrvideo Get 50% off for the first shipment of @Atlas Coffee Club ☕: 𝗝𝗢𝗬𝗖𝗘𝟱𝟬𝗔𝗧𝗟𝗔𝗦. I was recently gifted some coffee beans and I'm surprised to learn how affordable it is to join its subscription plan. You have coffee beans shipped directly to you from different regions every month (or every 2 weeks) and the price is no more expensive than local coffee roasters, maybe even slightly cheaper than some. You also get to choose from beans, ground or k-pods, your grind type, as well as roast preference. I have tried for two months now and I must say it's quite convenient. If you want to give it a try, here's the code to #asmrsounds #coffeetiktok #coffeetime #morningcoffee #vanfoodies #foodtiktok #discountcode #vancouver #atlascoffeeclub #coffeepourover #asmrtiktok #foodblogger
3 exclusive items at the new @ZUBU ramen Downtown. This was a comp'd dinner but I would pay for the beef tongue and ramen flight again. Lots of beef tongue pieces and they're tender and flavourful, even the bean sprouts were tasty. The ramen flight gives a good preview of 4 types of ramen and totally fits into my "one of everything" mentality. They're all very good and it was hard to choose a favourite. I was surprised that the chicken ramen won by a tiny tiny margin. We also tried other dishes and I would suggest getting the Assorted Seafood Plate with the Sushi Hand Roll Set for a fuller experience. Those on their own are plenty of food; maybe add a ramen and that would be perfect for 2 people. But make sure to save room for the Aburi Cheesecake because it's a spectacular show at the table but the brulee top and melted cheesecake made it all more fun to eat. #ramen #japanesefood #vancouverrestaurant #newrestaurant #dealalert #noodles #vancouver #vanfoodies #vancouvervlog #foodblogger #eating #foodtiktok #food
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