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Valerie McKeehan


Painter, romantic, flower lover, beauty chaser✨Learn with me 👇🏻

The intimidation of staring at a blank sheet of paper is real! Do you relate? 🙋🏻‍♀️

Here are three things I do to combat this:

✨ Studies! I am a huge fan of making studies. It is how I try new palettes and compositions. There’s something low pressure about the small size, and calling it a study helps my brain to relax. It’s all curiosity and play! After completing a study I like, I’ll often change one thing and try it again! This is how I make new discoveries!

✨Make an underpainting. An underpainting is the first layer or pass of color in a painting. I like to use different methods for this, but always keeping it loose and open to spontaneity! A wet underpainting (using rubbing alcohol) is especially fun with its drips and texture. It’s a low-pressure way to get something on the paper, knowing a lot of it can get covered up.

✨ Make lots of bad paintings. The only path to making good paintings is by making bad paintings. Embrace this! Celebrate failed paintings because the more you desensitize yourself to making something “bad”, the less scary it becomes. You come to realize it’s all just part of the process.

Let me know if these tips are helpful!

P.S. The Magic of Soft Pastel Online Course is enrolling now! 6 weeks of live instruction, encouragement and community! If you struggle with perfectionism and fear of a blank paper, this is the perfect opportunity to fill yourself up creatively! I can’t wait to take another group through this Fall! There’s a special early bird bonus that is expiring tonight.
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