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V4 Wood Flooring


We make beautiful flooring from responsibly sourced timber #myv4room



Keeping your oiled hardwood flooring in great condition just got easy with Universal Maintenance Oil 2 Mix from @Rubio Monocoat UK and their handy application kit.

Step 1. Mix in the colour oil which matches your wood.
Step 2. Use the pole and red pad to apply and spread around a table spoon of Universal Maintenance Oil 2 Mix to approx 1 square metre of floor.
Step 3. Now set the red pad aside and attach the white pad and buff the area.
Step 4. Now swap pads for the green cloth and wipe the area to remove the excess oil, leaving just a sheen on the surface.
Step 5. Now repeat steps 2,3 and 4 working your way out of the space. You should be able to reuse the the pads as you go.
Step 6. Soak any used cloth and pads in water before you dispose of them in a sealed plastic bag.
Step. 7 After 8-12 hours in a warm ventilated room your floor is fine to use but don’t wet clean it for at least 2 days while it fully cures #woodflooring #flooringexperts #floorcare #woodworking #woodoiling #woodfloorcare
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