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The Un-Wedding Movement


Intimate Wedding Planners for Non-Conventional Nearlyweds 📍YEG & Western 🇨🇦



Replying to @Shadak Shademore You are very much not alone in this! It can feel so frustrating sometimes when one person in the partnership doesn’t seem to care or want to engage in the process.

But theres a lot of reasons why this is and ways to address it which is why we did a whole podcast episode on it called Checked Out Charlie - aka the Clueless Groom, which was part of our Drama Dynasty series where we discussed how to address and manage the various interpersonal challenges that pop up during wedding planning.

You can check out the whole series which were episodes 2-6 through the link in our bio or on any plarform where you might like to stream.

#weddingplanning #wedtok #coupleschallenge #workingtogether #podcast #unwedding #unweddingpodcast #unweddingmovement
Replying to @Ard | Fat Creator #greenscreensticker This wedding was nothing short of non-conventional. Lets talk details. We couldn’t have done this without our fabulous team of vendors who are the ones who really make this possible. Photo credit to erinsweetphoto on IG who was our fabulous photographer for this event.

#nontraditionalwedding #weddingplanning #hobbits #lgbtqweddings #planningawedding #intimatewedding #nearlyweds #engaged
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