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Unearthed Crystals


Australian Crystal Store Est. 2015 📍 Yamanto QLD

Years agi I was told this by a medium and I have never forgotten it. Now I pass this wisdom on to you guys . . . #crystaltips #crystals #crystalsoftiktok #unearthedcrystals #crystaltok #clearquartz  created by Unearthed Crystals with Unearthed Crystals’s original sound
Everyday we come across different people. You don’t know what they have been through or what they are going through. As they don’t know your story.
There is already enough anger and hate in this world, we shouldn’t add to it. I like to be the kindness I want to see in this world as everything is an energy exchange.

One Christmas Eve (years ago) I was on my way home from my corporate job and running late to get to the family festivities. While stopping for fuel I saw a young mother with her child, she looked distressed. On my way in to pay, I asked her if she was ok. She told me that she had no credit and needed to make a call. I handed over my phone immediately. While she was on the phone I heard her say that her boyfriend had hit her then kicked them both out. They had no car and no money. After she got off the phone I asked how I could help; could I drop them off to family or somewhere safe. She asked to use my phone again to call her mother back. Her mother agreed to them going to her place but without a car the mother couldn’t pick them up. Without thinking I offered to drive them, called my family to tell them I would be late and why. This young woman’s mother lived on the other side of town so I drove them out there to drop them off. Whilst in the car we started talking. I noticed her and her daughter were unwashed, wearing dirty clothes and the young lady had deep painful bite marks on her hand. Her boyfriend had bitten her! When I dropped them off I saved my number into her phone and told her if she was ever in trouble she could call me, day or night. Once back home I told my family about this woman and what she had been through. I worried about her for weeks after that.
I never saw her again but one night, about 6 months later I received a call from an unknown number. It was her! She called to thank me for helping her when no one else had. She said she had been sitting outside the fuel station for about an hour in the heat with her little girl before I arrived. She told me how the boyfriend was no longer in the picture and that she had found a job and was now living in her own place with her daughter. I was moved to tears and so happy she was safe.
#bekindtoeveryone #begoodtopeople #christmas #bethechange
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