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Stacey | Podcast Strategy


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#answer to i love this question. Now tell me鈥 what do yoh do?
As a business owner using your podcast to generate leads and convert sales you have to think about your podcast guest strategy, differently.

For coaches, consultants, and service providers having guests join you on your show is less about attracting new listeners and more about providing the listener the value they need to move forward with whatever it is they want from your podcast.

If you鈥檙e a dating and relationship coach frequently having guests join you who are business coaches talking about the sales book they just wrote or social media experts talking about how to use TikTok to grow an audience, you鈥檙e not serving your listeners the content they came to your show for.

This is why often when we sit down with podcasters to do podcast audits we find out their guest episodes tend to be the least popular. The content of those episodes isn鈥檛 what the listeners are subscribing for.

Your guest episodes can鈥檛 be about the guest, they have to be about the listener, just like your solo episodes aren鈥檛 about you, they鈥檙e about the listener and helping them get whatever it is they are listening in for.

Start looking at your podcast strategy differently, join me for a Podcast Strategy Intensive, reach out via DM to learn more, or head over to uncommonlymore.com

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