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Uncle Neil’s Home


501c3 Farmed Animal Sanctuary 🌈 IG, FB, Venmo: @uncleneilshome Rescue & Rehab



We are so very heartbroken to share that our beloved friend Hildy passed away last night. After rushing Hildy to the hospital because he wasn’t responding to treatment, we received a call around midnight to let us know that he was declining. We jumped in the car with his best friend Rosie and went to see him. His last hours were filled with “I love you’s”, hugs and company from the person he loved most- his Rosie. Whether they were standing, sitting, or walking around, they were touching. If Rosie moved, Hildy moved closer. Their bond was so strong, and just as Rosie didn’t want her Hildy to go, we know Hildy didn’t want to leave her either.

Hildy joined our UNH family around two years ago when he was found running around a park in Brooklyn at night. His sassy, fierce behavior made it clear from the moment we met him that he was used for cockfighting and then abandoned. He was a survivor. Hildy was feisty, but so loving, especially when he was protecting his Rosie. He was brave, confident, funny and such a huge part of our family. There aren’t words to express how much he will be missed.

“Grief, I’ve learned, is really just love. It’s all the love you want to give, but cannot. All of that unspent love gathers in the corners of your eyes, the lump in your throat, and in the hollow part of your chest. Grief is just love with no place to go.”

We love you so much, Hildy 🌈

Please share this video of Hildy’s and Rosie’s relationship to continue to show others what we already know to be true- that non-human animals are sentient, emotional, and complex individuals who are deserving of our respect and kindness, and who deserve to live a life free of harm and exploitation.

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APPLE PARTY to celebrate Dilbert’s, Auggie’s, and Peaches’ homecoming! 🍎🎉

Dilbert, Auggie and Peaches had a 3-day sleepover at Cornell’s large animal hospital last week so they could receive some much needed medical care. Updates on everyone below ⬇️

DILBERT 🐷 Dilby had a dermatology appointment to assess his skin because he’s had a rash since his arrival. His doctor found yeast in his ears and a bacterial infection on his body that we’re currently treating him for. He gets baths in special shampoo, with extra attention to his ears, a few times per week. It should clear up in no time!

AUGGIE 🐷 Auggie went in for what we thought would be a routine spay, but there were minor hurdles that she faced beforehand. When she arrived, her medical team noticed that she was a bit more quiet than they would have liked her to be. We assumed she might be a bit scared being away from home, but she remained pretty quiet and was not acting like her happy self. We mentioned to her doctor that she had thrown up a few times the week prior, and together made the decision that anesthesia would be too risky, and instead, it would be better if saw internal medicine for some diagnostics. They found that she had an infection and abnormalities on her uterus, and her surgery became more of a must-have, so we had no choice but to take the chance. Thankfully, they didn’t find anything concerning and she is expected to make a full recovery!

PEACHES 🍑 Peaches spay went really well and she was a wonderful patient per her doctors! She’s been very slowly meeting the rest of the pigs. We’ll share updates soon!

We are so happy to have everyone home and healthy. This is the routine medical care that is essential and provided throughout our residents’ lives here in sanctuary- It would be impossible without your generosity. Thank you to everyone who donated towards their hospital stay and procedures 🙏

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We know that this is hard to see, but please don’t look away. You know how much we love sharing happy content of UNH’s beautiful, deserving rescued residents, but the reason we’re here pursuing this mission in the first place is because of the injustice and abuse of farmed animals who have the same capacity to feel as the animals who we traditionally welcome into our homes, and yet, we treat our companion animals with love, and everyone else with hatred.

Fern and Valentino are shown in this video and they are very deeply grieving Fiona’s loss. It is so unfair to continue pushing the ridiculous, harmful narrative that non-human animals don’t have feelings. We know they do, but many cling to that false idea to distance themselves from feeling guilt or from holding themselves accountable for directly funding the industries that cause insurmountable physical and emotional harm.

Farmers love to claim that “dairy cows aren’t good mothers”. They’re devoted mothers, but they don’t get the chance to show us that because we strip them of the chance, their right. Motherhood transcends species.

Over the last week, this grieving, broken family has shown us first-hand what we already know- they feel- and it is important that those who convince themselves or believe otherwise see this, too.

Fiona’s three children, Fern, Forrest, and Valentino, are in pain. It will take time. They don’t understand why she’s gone and we can’t explain it to them, either. What we can do, though, is help others make more thoughtful choices that don’t put them in these situations.

Veganism is not a diet. It is a rejection of animal cruelty in all forms. It is a moral imperative.

Thank you for your love and support. This is our mission, the reason we opened our sanctuary- to show the world that these victims who we objectify and exploit are emotionally complex, intelligent, gentle and deserve respect and to live a life free from human interference and exploitation.

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