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Cycle-Based Wellness App🩸Fitness, Yoga & Diet for Every Phase💖 Code: ULSG

Unlock the power of your body’s natural rhythm with #cyclesyncing skincare! Just as our hormones fluctuate throughout our menstrual cycle, our skin’s needs change too. Discover how to tailor your skincare routine to your body’s unique monthly phases for a radiant and balanced complexion. And, obviously, download U Look So Good to hack your cycle 🎯 #period #yoga #menstrualhealthcoach #female #femalehealth #menstruation #pms #skincare #cyclesyncingskincare
Hi! This is Mimoza🙋🏻‍♀️ and I’m here to share a little secret that I discovered 🙃

A variety of changes happen across different stages of our menstrual cycle 🩸Hormonal fluctuations during the menstrual cycle have a significant impact on the our voice 🎤During menstruation, the vocal cords essentially fatten up due to an increased blood supply caused by hormonal changes. This thickening process in the female larynx is known as ‘menstrual dysphonia’ and is often manifested in hoarseness, less vocal efficiency and loss of the higher notes in the range 🥴Imagine, in the golden age of the European Operas, female singers were given “grace days” when they were on their periods, to allow for vocal rest💆🏻‍♀️ These practices no longer exist, however singers are recommended to keep track of their menstrual cycles to avoid any damage to their voice😅 “So when is the best time to record?” you may ask 😌 Well, as estrogen continues to rise on your Week 2 (right after your peroiod), your voice gets clearer and you can use a wider range of notes, especially higher-pitched ones 😎 Do you recognize the change in your voice when you are on your period? Have you experienced something similar?🤔

As @ulooksogoodapp we aim to help women understand their bodies and hormones better, so that they can hack their cycle and use their menstrual cycle as a driving force in whatever they do in life 💪🏻 Using the app, you can plan your singing schedule better 😏
#menstrualcycle #menstrualhealth #menstrualcycleawareness
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