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Food Creator🔥 BBQ Fusion Recipe Creator Open Fire, Neapolitan Pizza #bbq #chef



Honey gatlic chicken air fried. Flats or drums, FOLLOW and comment. #airfriedwings #chickenwings #crispywings  created by UkuleleJayBBQ with YG & The Notorious B.I.G.'s Let's Ride (feat. YG, Ty Dolla $ign, Lambo4oe) - Trailer Anthem / Extended Version
You’ve never tasted smoked salmon like this! This is not just any smoked salmon! This Japanese flavor inspired smoke salmon was brined in @knottywoodbbq rub for 8 hours infusing the salmon with those Japanese herbs and spice that are closely guarded by the Knotty Wood BBQ vault. Using my @ThermoWorks Smoke X4 thermometer and needle probes, I set my smoker to 130°F ambient internal temperature on the top rack.
Using Knotty Wood BBQ Almond Cabernet Wine wood pellets, I slowly increased the temperature on my Yoder YS-640s every hour and brushed the top with @trybachans Original Japanese BBQ sauce until I reached an internal temperature in the salmon of 140°F which took about four hours.

Call it “money” or call it “gold”, but I call this…you know… SCINTILLATING!

#smokedsalmon #salmon #salmoncandy #candiedsalmon #japanesestyle
Best Sauceless Ribs Recipe Ever…

1 Rack Iberico pork.
1/2 Stick of Kerry Gold salted butter.
Knotty Wood BBQ Rub

Season you ribs with Knotty Wood BBQ rub and let sit 10 minutes. Repeat the process 3 more times.

Heat oven or smoker to 250°F and cook ribs meat side up for 2 hrs.

Wrap ribs in foil with salted butter (meat side down) and 1/4C of rub and turn up heat to 275°F for one hour.

Unwrap ribs and place meat side up and lightly dust top with more Knotty Wood BBQ rub and cook for final hour.

Ribs should be probe tender (don’t worry about the temp).

4 hrs done!

#bbqribs #easyrecipe #delicious #tasty #bbq #foodie #asmr #foodtiktok
Jalapeño Olive Bacon Jam Pizza!…
This pizza perfection was cooked in my
@Pizzello Forte and was so delicious. Loaded with fresh grated mozzarella, homemade San Marzano tomato sauce blended to a creamy perfection and seasoned with @Ocean State Pepper Co. Wanna Pizza Me seasonings. Two layers of homemade bacon jam with my bacon love from @William Bill E. Stitt sits under and on top of that soft and creamy shredded mozzarella. You know this sends your senses into a foodgasm.

Pizza never tasted this good. Bacon is life!

#pizza #pizzatime #baconislife #perfection #pizzaoven #foodgasm #foodporn #pizzagasm #piazzolla #tastypizza
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