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Affordable luxury homeware ✨ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Use code “T25” to get 25% OFF 👇👇👇

Replying to @✨️-tarrisgacha-✨️ I bet these products wouldn’t be so popular if they were straight, let’s be honest!
Replying to @Sebezy This could be a perfect gift for your birthday! 🍺
Replying to @noadiga This is how i feel every time i take my favorite glasses to have a little bit of wine! 😏
Replying to @Jack The cocktail glass you need to make your guests feel special! ❤️ Now that Halloween is closer make your halloween party unique and update your glasses with these Skultini Cocktail Glass 😱 #cocktails #glasses #glassblowing #glassware
Replying to @Imyourmomsgf All the products are in the page description ✨ We have all kinds of luxury and vintage glassware sets. Our most exciting collection is the Halloween new arrivals! We have all the spooky glasses & mugs and incense burners!
Replying to @hippiejiujitsugirl What about this wine glass? It will make you feel like you are a part of royal family while drinking wine with your friends😏❤️
Replying to @Meira Cleaning Strawtini glass is actually really easy and hassle-free. ❤️
We recommend always hand wash all our glassware since all of them are handmade and they need all the love and extra care.
They are not like all boring and regular industrial made glasses. Unique vintage glasswares deserve an unique care!
Replying to @Fer Ferrer600 You were right, real beer looks better and i managed to pour it right! My hand tricks and pouring skills are on spot today!
Replying to @Emy You think i nailed it?

This hand trick was suppose to make me famous part 2. This time no beer has been spilled over and all the liquid has been enjoyed at its fullest! 🍺🍺
Replying to @jormatanage Can you guess what drink is that? Or at least what mix of liquids have been used?
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